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Black Rose Farm part1


By: Jennifer45611


Age:  13


A heat wave hit Kelli as she opened the front door to her house, her sister Josie was making peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. "Mmmm, smells yummy!" said Kelli as she pulled off her muddy boots and hung up her jacket,


"Yea, it's really cold outside, huh?" said Josie, her cheeks flushed pink as she opened the oven and grabbed out a sheet of the peanut-buttery treats and placed them on the marble counter.


"Gypsy seems to be taking the cold weather OK." said Kelli as she grabbed two cookies and sat down on a stool to watch the fluffy snow flakes fall. Gypsy was a Haflinger mare that had survived a barn fire, but only to have her lungs severely damaged, the vet said she would have a hard time with the cold weather. "Oh, that's wonderful, Kelli!" exclaimed Josie as she pulled up a stool next to Kelli and watched as the snow fell more quickly.


"I think I'll go out and see how Melody is and her filly Tempest. I hope they're OK!" said Kelli with a worried frown on her face, she walked quickly over and slipped on her coat, then pulled on her boots, then opened the door and with a big sigh she set out to the barn.


"Melody!" called Kelli as she opened the barn door a crack and slipped inside the warm barn. There was an answering nick as she put her head over the half door for a better look. "Hey pretty girl." crooned Kelli, but when she looked into Melody's stall, she didn't see the bay filly... Where was Tempest?