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Age 12


Ginger stood perfectly still but his eyes swerved back and forth from the judge to me. I knew that he was not used to this, our first competition in a large arena. I was waiting for the judge to finish the person before me. The wind wasn't a help at all a violent blow startled Ginger and he bucked lightly. One of the ladies next to me, India's mother grabbed Ginger at his bit and growled at him. "I want you up to my little India's standard, and make that little scruffy pony of yours behave."? She whispered angrily.

In the arena her 'little India' was nearly falling off her fast but elegant Arab mare. The only reason India could ride well was because her pony did all the work at least she could move her legs. Me and Ginger had been entering and competing for years now and all India had to show for her was all her pony's winnings.

Hang on; India has just got out of the arena wow that's a high score for someone who acts like they can't ride or simply just can't.

I'm in next wasn't my first thought when the announcer trilled "Next in is Miss Perry and Ginger Snap in team India!" In fact my first thought was that it was so like India's mum to name the team after India. But then India shouted for me to hurry up and get some points for 'her' team. So I walked into the arena bravely risking a long rein walk and then collected him up into a medium walk. No one done that yet; everyone had started in a working trot. I held my breath as my first score came up on the screen; a 9. It was now my time to jump the course so I told him to trot with a voice command, circled 20 meters and as I turned the corner I shouted quickly before he burst into a fast canter.

I then circled him 10 meters to get a collected canter and then turned him into the first jump, a small brush fence. Ginger pulled on my reins and attempted to extend his canter but I sat deep in the saddle. We then soared over the fence, but all I had to think about was the next larger water fence that was looming closer and closer every stride Ginger took. We at the perfect speed and we were making good striding to the next jump. I almost shouted in my head as we approached the fence '1-2-3 and jump' I thought. But Ginger slid into the jump slightly and quickly almost bunny hopped over the jump lightly tapping the pole slightly with his back hoof. Luckily it didn't fall and we continued towards the next fence at slow canter.

He headed towards the next fence, the first part of a double, like he was a race horse stretching for the finish. I had to lean back pulling him into a slower stride before he neatly jumped over the fence. I then patted him to tell him that he was being good for me. He continued being a good pony for four more jumps and then we came to the last jump.... He was collected in the canter and I was three strides off the jump he lifted off the ground giving the jump miles to spare and I punched a fist in the air as we landed for the quickest time in a clear round.

I jumped off him into my wheel chair and stared at him, beaming proudly. I wheeled out of the arena with my mum leading my pony, India's mum walked over to me and sourly smiled and said "Well done." Me and Ginger had done it! We have just won the International pony team grand prix 2011!