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Rising Rain


By: Celect03

Age: 23


part 1


I stood there in the night. The stars above us cried down on our bare backs. It was cold and harsh, and I wasn’t fond of it. “What’s your owner doin Dreamer? Katie ain’t come and got us!” I heard complaint from my pasture buddy, Chaca. He was a brown Tobiano Paint, while I was just a gray dappled Arab.


“I know, I know,” I snapped back. I was a little irritable- and worried. Usually Katie always came and put me in my stall before the storms came. She would grab Chaca too, if Karen hadn’t put him up yet. Katie hated the thought of us standing out in the rain.


Suddenly, we saw headlights come down the long, gravel driveway. Was it another boarder? Or Katie?


“Well shoot, there’s my momma!” Chaca noted. Looking more closely, I noticed it was in fact Karen. She hopped out of the passenger seat, running toward us in a rain jacket and boots. She grabbed two leads at the gate, and walked toward us.


“Since when do you need two leads?” I joked to Chaca, like we usually did if one of our owners got us both. I couldn’t help but be concerned though – where was Katie? Karen pulled on our leads, now clipped to our halters. She dropped me off at my stall, then led Chaca down the aisle a few stalls down. I decided not to let the worry get to me. Maybe Katie was caught up with schoolwork? Besides, I was too tired to fret…


I woke up the next morning with Chester, my stall neighbor, looking in at me. I looked back with a start. “Can I … help you?” I asked quizzically.


“Isn’t your owner here by now?” He replied. I looked out my window in the back. Sure enough, it was bright and sunny. I paced around a bit, then looked back to Chester.


“You mean… you mean she hasn’t come back yet?” I nearly panicked. He shook his head, and found more interest in his hay. I, on the other hand, was not hungry.



After more worry, I noticed Karen come back. I figured she was going to go down the hall to see Chaca. She did. I nickered to her as she walked by, being thankful for a familiar face. She stopped mid-step, and looked to me. “I know Dancer, your next.” She smiled to me, then continued. I stretched my neck out of the V in my stall door. She gave Chaca a carrot and a pat, with some loving words.


She then grabbed her saddle, bridle, and other tack she used. She left it on a stand though, instead of on her horse. She then went back to the tackroom. My Saddle? Bridle? Wait a minute, why was she riding me? I stood still politely, yet wondered why anyhow. “Katie asked for a little exercising, dollface.” She led me out, snapped her helmet, and brought me into the arena. Katie asked Karen to ride me? Alright then … I guess. She hopped on my back.

After warming up at the walk, trot, and canter, I was pointed toward a jump. 2’. It was simple, just a white vertical. I counted my strides to the jump. “One two… and …!” I lifted up, tucking my legs nicely. When I landed, Karen let me down to a trot, then a walk. “Wow, I can see why Katie likes you! You feel so .. light.” She decided. Soon after, she clucked me into a canter, and headed for the same jump. Same results. This time, she kept me going. Pointed me to a new jump. This was a red vertical. 2’3. We flew over. It felt nice to get off the ground a little. This process went on for a while – 2’6…2’9… We were doing Chase me Charlie! 6 jumps, each getting 3 inches higher. I loved these. So did Katie. So why…


Soon we were done with the course, and I was walking again. “3’3!” Karen exclaimed. That must be a new high for me! You did so good, Dancer!” I felt good. I loved praise, and I loved jumping. Buuu-riinng! Her phone alarmed from her pocket.


“Hey! Feeling … oh … oh … uh, yea… if you say so…. Okay …” She sighed.


“That was wonderful, Dreamer.” She said after getting off her phone. “It’s too bad Katie won’t be able to celebrate the moment…”