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Malika's Midnight Ride - Part 1


By: Elements

Age: 13


That night, I grazed silently on the hillside, overlooking the farm. Garnet, my pasture buddy, watched over me. All of a sudden, I heard a sound coming from the bush off to my right. My owner, Melanie, quietly slipped out from behind the bush, putting a finger to her lips.


I wondered why she was out so late at night. She ran to my stall and came back with her saddle, saddle pad, and my bridle from the tack room. I willingly let her place the saddle on my back and my bridle gently in my mouth. My owner and I had a special bond and gift; we could speak to each other in our thoughts. Melanie told me all about how her parents were not happy with her end of year grades, and they were threatening to take away Malika from her. So, she was planning on taking me on a midnight ride, which might be our last ride together.


Melanie quickly pushed off the ground and settled into the saddle. She gave me the cue, and we galloped away. That night, was glorious. I could feel the wind through my mane as we set off through the woods. The wonderful night moon shone down ahead of us, as if creating a path for us to follow. We rode along until she slowly stopped me and slid out of the saddle.