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Lilly a Trotter


By: Golden swallow


Running wild and free across the water is an Undine horse named Lilly a Trotter,

on her back I sit just hanging on,

as the waves roll by and as the mermaids sing songs,

The tree's glow with a rainbow like light,

Flowers bloom and born is a sprite,

drinking from the water of the crystal clear lake,

is a unicorn drinking the water he does take,

next to him standing tall is a beautiful Elf,

she wasn't alone not be herself,

For with her was a big great Dane

that had a silver coat and a beautiful frame,

Now as Lilly and I come to shore she becomes a normal horse and is a Undine no more,

Her long tail waves in the wind so litely and her mane does flow like the lake called Nightly.

This wonderful lake with it's magical spell,

I have to leave and never tell,

Never tell a single soul of the wonderful time at Nightly.