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By: canterbanter

Age: 10


Emily had never believed in the Diamond Stallions. She had always thought that they were just silly bedtime stories that adults told their children to scare them into doing as they were told. But now she realized that they weren't just a legend. They were real, they were in her back yard.


Emily had begun to think this since the beginning of the week. On Monday, she had ambled across the yard in her jeans and T-shirt because she had heard a whinny from behind the old apple tree. She finally arrived, out of breath and her heart stopped at what she saw.


She couldn't breathe. It felt as if a strong, cold hand was grasping her throat. In front of her stood two stallions, both as white as snow. They were stretching their long, sleek necks to reach up into the rough branches of the apple tree, munching on the apples. Almost as soon as Emily stretched out her hand to stroke one of their their silky manes, they vanished.


From then on, Emily never doubted the existence of the Diamond Stallions. They were real. Every night she would run across the yard, and there they would be. Waiting for her to affectionately rub their velvety muzzles. They were her horses and nobody else's. It was her little secret, and nobody would ever know.