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I Hope You Dance part 3

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By: mistymyhorse

Age 10


Brook's aunt was very short and skinny she had dark brown wavy hair that fell just a little below her shoulders her small face was pale with worry just like she had remebered her from the last time she saw her she came up and hugged me.


I didn't hug back I just sat there. I said finally "When am I going home?"


The nurse said sweetly "Whenever you feel ready."


Oh I was ready to get out of there alright, "Let's go if it's my decision."


"Okay" my aunt said my aunts name was Carla. That's what I have always called her too my nurse helped me into my wheelchair that Carla had apparently rented.  I wheeled down the ramp Carla helped me into the car i sat there in silence the whole way home when we pulled into the driveway everything was in it's place aso was Misty one less thing to be concerned about she whinnied when she saw me i smiled so did all the other horses.


I wheeled in the house when i walked in payton cried "SISSY." I smiled and knelt down to give her a kiss. Johnny came crawling in along with thier babysitter Rose she smiled as she walked out the door she said "Glad to see your okay."


The door clicked shut I used my crutches that i had when I broke my leg to help me up the stairs there in my room everything was in place horse posters labtop pale blue walls ribbons everything I layed down on my bed. Its furry zebra blanket gave me comfort I walked back downstairs Johnny was in there I picked him up which was really hard so I sat down with him on the couch he played with my hair he was just so innocent and sweet  anything that would happen he'd be happy I kissed his little head the hair that was on it was so soft Payton came running in she sat down beside me and befor i knew it we were all asleep.