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Ghost of Silver Lake


By hoodedizzy

Age 11


 “Walk on.” The girl commanded.


The Pony she was mounted on stood still. “Walk on!” She said fiercer. The pony laid his ears back. “Purple! Walk on !” The girl practically yelled. The black gelding shook his head back and fourth. The girl grumbled and turned the pony back to SilverLakes Farm.


As the girl Cantered into the Farm gate, an older man greeted her with a wave and a smile. “Good evening Magnolia!” The man called. Mag frowned at being called her full name. “Same to you Mr. Peter!” Mag said with a wave. She slowed to a walk when she reached the Barn Isle. She dismounted and led the Pony to a stall. On the stall door it said Purple. Mag shook her head and led Purple in. She began to untack when Mr. Peter came in." What happened?” Peter said with a frown. After he said that he began to walk around Purple. Mag didn't answer until Purple was untacked. “Nothing..” Mag said looking at the stall floor.


“Purple is Stiff. His neck is sweating.” Peter paused and put his hand on Purple's Shoulder. Purple side stepped. “Did you go near that Silver Lake?”. Mag shrugged and mumbled “I don't know.. Maybe.. Yes...” Mag whispered. “Mag! I told you it is dangerous to go there! All horses act up there!”. Peter's Shout made Purple and Mag jump. “Whatever..” Mag mumbled as she pushed her way out of the stall. Purple nickered. Mag ignored him and the rest of Peter's shouts.


Later that evening her Dad had come to pick her up. “I smell fear..” Her Dad joked as he playfully poked her. Mag sighed and looked out the window of the car. The short five minute ride was over. Mag opened the door before the car was turned off. She slammed the door and ran to her room inside the house. She sat down on the bed, and buried her eyes into her hands. “Stupid Purple!” Mag sobbed. She stomped the Floor.


For the next few days, Mag didn't go to Silver Lake Farm. “Whats the deal?” Mag's Dad said as he put down his coffee the next morning. “Purple got spooked at Silver Lake.” Mag mumbled. She stared down at her plate of Eggs and Bacon. “That's it.” Her Dad spoke in a firm voice. “Get Dressed and meet me in the car.” With that the dad, put down his coffee and went outside.


Mag sniffled and went upstairs. About ten minutes later Mag came down. She had jeans, a purple shirt, and her riding boots on. She knew where this was going.


Mag's dad had told Mag, “Stay in the car.”. After that he walked to Ms. Peter's office. Mag slouched down. She knew this was bad. In ten minutes, Mr. Peter had signaled her to come into the office. Mag slowly slid out of the car and into the office. When she entered, Peter was already sitting down again.“Go ahead and muck out Purple's stall. Then feed, groom and tack him.” Peter said looking at Mag's dad, and then Mag. “Thanks for giving her the job.” Mag's dad said as he shook hands with Peter. “Pleasure doing business with you Charles.” Peter replied as the man got up and left. Before Mag could disprove, her dad was already headed home. Peter snapped his fingers. Mag loudly sighed and headed for the barn.


Purple nickered in sight of Mag. When Mag didn't even smile, he pulled his head back into the stall. Opening the latch of the stall, Purple walked up and nuzzled Mag. Clipping the ropes on either side of the Stall to Purple's halter, she began to groom and tack. “Dang.. Forget to muck..” Mag said as she was leading the Pony out of the stall. Peter was of course waiting for her outside the barn. Next to Peter was a tall bay. Peter nodded and mounted the bay. “Hm..” Mag mumbled as she also mounted. Peter started out at a trot then a canter. Purple tugged at the reins to canter like Bay. “No!” Mag said pulling at the reins. Slowly behind Peter, they followed at a trot.


5 minutes after Peter, Mag arrived back at Silver Lake. Purple had stopped, laying his ears flat against his skull like the first time. Peter was hiding behind a group of tall bushes with bay. Mag pulled out her crop and gently tapped Purple. Purple side stepped. “Go!” Mag yelled at the 14hh pony. Purple slashed forward at a fast but short canter. Almost plunging into the water Purple stopped. The tip of his hooves were in the water. Mag sighed and was about to dismount.


Purple neighed almost like a scream and reared. Mag's leg was hanging out of the stirrup. “Mr. Peter!” Mag yelled as she tumbled off Purple. She landed on her wrist. A sharp pain flowed through her arm.