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Forever Friends

by Abbie831
Age: 12

It was one of the last days of summer, I was waiting after school for my mom to pick me up. I checked the digital clock inside. Where is she? I thought, tapping my foot in anticipation. She finally pulled up after a few minutes.

 “Mom, you’re late,” I said, throwing my backpack in the trunk and climbing inside the truck.

 “I know sweetie I had some business to take care of,” she said, glancing over at me with an apologetic look.

I sighed and buckled my seat-belt and looked out the window, resting my head against it. My mom started the car and we rolled out of the parking lot.

“Oh I almost forgot!” my mom said, glancing over at me again with a wide smile spread across her face, “I have a surprise for you, we’re going to pick it up!”

“What is it?” I asked eagerly, looking over at her.

“If I told you, that would ruin the surprise!” she told me.

I sighed and then looked out the window. Mom turned down a street, heading to the opposite side of town from our small farm out in a small town. I continued to stare out the window, watching the scenery fly by. I looked over at my mom, realizing we were heading to Mr. Benjamin’s farm (he told us to call his Mr. Benjamin, but that’s his first name).

“Where are we going?” I asked eagerly, awaiting her reply like it would be something fantastic.

“You’ll see,” she said as we turned down a long gravel driveway.

I smiled, thinking of all the possibilities.

We reached Mr. Benjamin’s old house, and he was waiting outside his house. My mom put the car in park and opened the door. I unbuckled and got out also.

“Mrs. Simon!” Mr. Benjamin greeted, smiling his toothy grin, “And Julie, right this way please.” He said, heading off to the stables.
I smiled and followed, resisting the urge to skip. My mom followed, smiling.

 “Here we are, this is Sprinkle, she’s a fine horse.” He said, stopping outside a stall and opening the door slightly.

I looked inside, “Mom, am I really getting a horse?” I asked, not looking away from the beautiful white horse inside.

“Yep, Sprinkle’s gonna be your own horse.” She replied.

I turned around and hugged her, “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” I said loudly, letting go.

“Well, let’s get the trailer hooked up and we can go!” my mom said, turning around. Mr. Benjamin followed, leading the horse and I walked beside Sprinkle.

“We’re gonna be best friends,” I whispered, patting her on the side.