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Black Beauty, Secretariat & Spirit Story


By Golden Swallow

Age 13



here's a piece I wrote because I was bored enjoy!


As I galloped across the many miles, my hooves now seemed to be landing with a pound in my ears. My nostrils as large as a human's saucer plate. Sucking in the cold night air. Bringing it to my lungs that when they recieved the air, felt like if some one was putting dry ice on bare skin. Suddenly feeling such pain, all my muscles froze. I immediately fell to the ground, head first. Laying on the ground in agony, I dare not to breathe, only a little, but even that brings a stinging pain to my throat. Yearning for the sun to come and warm the air. Yearning for my muscles to go numb and come back feeling fine. Yearning that my life would stay in my body until I acomplished what I needed to do.  


A month before:

"Hey black beauty!"

Beauty's ears percked up at the sound of his name. He raised his head from the delicious green grass. Bits of dirt and roots fell from his mouth.

"What Smoke?"

"You would not believe what Stallion, just did!"

Said Smokey cantering over to beauty and neighing excitedly trying to control himself.

Black beauty lowered his head and went back to grazing but listened still to Smokey's hoof poundings coming closer. He flinch and blinked as grass and dirt sprayed his left eye. Smokey had abruptly stopped right before he would have hit him in the face.

"Agh! what Smoke?"

He asked annoyed, shaking his head.

"Black Stallion jumped the fence!"

Black beauty who still had grass in his mouth started choking in disbelief.

Smokey beige a 'cow horse' didn't get scared at the abrupt sounds from Beauty, But started yelling "Breathe!" in his left ear. Beauty's legs were spread at an obtuse angle and his head was low to the ground, coughing up a clump of grass. "Yuck" came the voice of a chestnut mare behind them.

"So, what if Stallion jumped the fence? I've jumped many a bushes fences and other things before."

"Ginger your a jumper that's expected of you when your in a cross country corse but to jump the pasture fence!"

Smokey flung his head toward the fence then starred at Ginger with excited and expecting eyes.

"Um, okay."

She said crossing her front legs as she walked away from them.

Beauty having finally getting the grass out of his mouth and stopped choking inhaled deeply.

"I don't get mares. Some stallion does an awesome thing and they flaunt it off!"

Beauty still breathif heavily replied in a squeaky hoarse voice,

"I don't care where's Stallion now?"

"Oh, come on!"

Smokey started galloping off toward the fared of the pasture. Beauty inhaled once more and then bolted after him. They dogged through the grove of apple, peach and pear trees and they were adroitly joined by a stallion who's coat had been recently shined. His coat as he ran looked like waving fire, the tree's add to the affect for they only let the suns blaze hit it at certain times. "Wow!" Beauty quietly said beige amazed at Big red's coat. He was going easy on them for he was Galloping right next to Beauty and Smokey, but he was a racing horse. His racing name was Secretariat and he was really fast. Finally getting bored of the galloping pace of his friends and seeing a brown and white paint mare. He started running ahead of them. In minutes Red was out of sight around the lining of oak trees. When Smokey and Beuaty finally got to the lining of oak trees thet slowed down rappidly for the end of the pasture was around the trees. As they came to a stop they both glared at Red for he was neighing at them historically.

"You were just trying to impress Rain."

Smokey said.

Red stopped laughing at them he rubbed his face on his leg while he spoke.


He laughed litely.

"She's Spirit's mare and only."

"You could beat that buckskin anytime."

Said Spirit jokingly as he walked up beside Red.

"In a race yeah."

Smokey remembering why they had been running over to the far end of the pasture nipped Beauty gently and started walking over to the fences corner.

Beauty percked his ears for he thought he'd heard a man's voice yelling. Then seeing Stallion crush swiftly through the bushes he knew he'd heard yelling. All the stallions started running away from the fence knowing Stallion was going to jump into the pasture.


I'll write more later!