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Arabian Survivors Part 2 read part 1

By Username: Carly9

When Snowflake opened her eyes the first thing she saw was ThunderÕs head. He looked relieved. Snowflake whinnied to assure him. She looked at her leg. The bleeding had stopped and she was surprised that she felt better already. She stood up on the tree legs that werenÕt hurt. She limped over to a patch of grass and started eating. The rest of the herd, expect Thunder, did the same. When the mares were finished, he also ate. Then he beckoned for the mares to come, and trotted off. His herd understood and followed. They were going to freedom. Oh, yes, they were wild, but not free. They were going to TRUE freedom, away from the horse-hunters... or were they?


It was spring and Snowflake had rapidly recovered from her injury. Thunder and his mares were relaxed. Anywhere else, a band stallion would be nervous at this time of year, but Thunder was enjoying himself. Ajax and Tedi started an excellent game. They would run in a circle and see who could run the fastest before they slipped on the loose sand. Even Thunder joined in, after a while. Yes, life was good in their new home. They were free. But wasn't this too good to be true?


Silently Thunder slipped through the darkness to his mares. They followed him to a camp storage area. Suddenly Thunder stopped, snorted, and turned around. His heard understood. His snort clearly said: ŅThatÕs why they want to kill us. We take their food.Ó

Snowflake was glad to have found the reason. She was still not perfectly well, and could not run fast. But how would they have a sure food supply? Ah-ha! Snowflake suddenly got an idea. She turned, and walked towards a patch of grass. She picked some, dug a hole in the sand, and put some grass in. Velvet pranced around her. Thunder neighed. Obviously they liked her plan. She was glad. Suddenly a light came out of one of the tents. Thunder motioned for Snowflake to go to the front. Snowflake was so excited she jumped with joy! For who runs at the front? The lead mare does. The lead stallion brings up the back. Who-wee! Life was good. And in a few months, she was due to foal. What could be better? She focused her attention on running and soon they were out of sight.


Thunder jerked his head up. Snowflake was coming, with a new foal! She was leading a snow white filly, just like her! He looked at the sky and named the foal Š Cloud. The sky was filled with them. Penny gave a frightened neigh. More horse-hunters! Obviously they would have to stop stealing food for a long time to stop the war. Snowflake knew her job. She galloped to the front. Cloud followed on wobbly legs. Suddenly she was worried. Her foal was newborn. How would she run with the herd?

What will happen to Cloud? Will she be killed? Will she have to be left behind? Find out next month! ~ Carly9