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A Horse of MY OWN?


By: Golden Swallow

Age 11


Sellea Andera sat on the queen sized, "Guests only" futon in her bedroom. She was ready for church, had eaten her breakfast, fed her chocolate lab Belle, and her calico cat Razty. She now was on her IPod looking at her wmail on a horsey site called Club pony pals, when her ears tuned in on her father talking to someone on the phone. "Yes, I'm calling about a blue roan you have for sale?" came his gruff voice.


Sellea's heart skipped a beat and her ears seemed sharper then ever in their hearing. She'd been saving for one and a half years for the horse of her dreams. A black or dark brown gelding  named Melech, preferred. she'd gotten the name from one of her favorite book series call Landon Snow. She only read the Christian series because of the brave, gallant talking horse named Melech. But this year she'd decided to take all her horse saving earnings and give it to her church. They needed it more than anything for the building they gathered in, God's house, was a OLD church that seemed like it would collapse any moment! she'd the this next year start over again and save horse money then.


"I'm wondering if I'd be able to come over today and see her."

Her? well I shouldn't shut off just because it's a mare really Sel. She thought still listening. Her breathing was shallow, and her heart hardly made a beat, she wanted it to be as quiet as possible!

"Okay, see you then."


*beep* came the sound of the phone hanging up. Sellea looked down at her iPod, her head was thriving with questions!

I'm I mature enough? I'm I ready?

her conscious seemed to answer,

You gotta see if you are, study!


Sellea wasn't  one for studying she hated the indoors. Her sister Alice Andrea though, stayed mostly inside. She was a book worm and Sellea was an adventurer. She would get lost in her thoughts easily at her desk when inside, thinking of adventures and how it'd be having her own horse! Where  as Alice would get lost in her books in seconds and faired well in school work. And you'd be close to death if you disturbed her from a book more than once. Alice was Sellea's roommate and older sister. Complete opposites but good friends.


Alice then walked into the room. Sellea litely whispering told her the news. Alice being herself told Sellea not to get her hopes up. Alice didn't care much for animals unless they were cats and monkeys, she was a book worm and a writer! a friend of theirs had nicknamed her hermit for a reason. she preferred to be alone thinking, and in the warm indoors.


"I know!" She replied fidgeting and wringing her hands in worry and excitement.

"But do you think I'm ready?"

"That's up to you."

Sellea finding the answer not that appeasing to her worrying state asked again. And Alice said the same thing but in an annoyed tone.


Sellea to got up from the futon and walked out to get the jitters out. She opened their bedroom door to see her father at the computer.

"So," she said trying to hide her nervousness.


"So?" her dad said tilting his head toward her but still looking at he screen.

Sellea sat on the old hallway couch her knees tightly together smooching her hands underneath her.  She rocked back and forth litely.

"What do you want?" Her father asked.

"Nothing, nothing at all."

She didn't want to tell him that she knew, for her not knowing whether or not if it was supposed to be a surprise or not.


AFTER church as her and her  and her father where about to load up into their blue truck Sellea reminded her dad about going to see the horse for she sensed he had forgotten.


"Ha, yes, I have to go take someone here to see a horse," he told the pastor's wife Mrs. Sureton.

She laughed giddily and joked that I'd get the horse, then asked what it was and what it looked like.

"Ah, a blue roan, mare four years" he told walking toward the vehicle.

"Oh, well good luck!" she replied happily smiling as she crossed the street to her dark blue mini van.


The drive to where the horse was, wasn't to long. When they got close Sellea's heart felt like it was going to burst and she was smiling bigger then she could remember in a long time. Every where you looked was green pastures and horses with ponies. Paints, buckskins, bays. Finally after driving down a horrible dirt road they turned a corner and came to a stop at a blue house. Down a hill in the back was the pasture.


The Meeting, to be or not to be? Chapter two: to be continued...


Will Sellea like her? Will she get THIS horse?


Several problems pop up through this books chapters as time goes by though, God helps her defeat some tuff situations with horses and with nonhorse people!


This next mini chapter will be in the next contest, but right now I'm terribly busy doing school work and church! so I'm unable to write the full story book. Hope you all liked the first chapter about Sellea Andrea! More this next contest. GS