March 2013 Horse Drawing Contest

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For the March contest you can draw any breed that begins with the letter M -- one list includes:

M’Bayar, Macassar, Magyar Hidegveru, Malakan Horse, Mallorquin Horse, Malopolski Mangalarga, Marchador, Mangalarga, Manipuri Pony, Marajoara, Marajo, Maremmano, Maremmana Horse, Marsh Tacky,Marquesas Islands Horse, Marwari, Masuren, Mazury Mecklenburg, Mecklenburger Horse, Megezh, Megrel, Mingrelian, Megrelskaya Menorca, Menorquin Horse, Merens Pony, Messara Horse, Metis Trotter, Mezen, Mezenskaya, Mezohegyes Sport Horse, Mimoseano, Minho Miniature Horse, Minusin Horse, Misaki Pony, Miyazaki Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Miyako Horse Miyazaki Mogod Pony, Mongolian Mongolian Wild Horse Montana Travler Monterufoli Pony, Morab, Morgan Horse, Morna Moroccan Barb, Morochuco, Mousseye Pony, Mbai, M’baye, Mussey Mountain Pleasure Horse, Moyle Horse, Mulassier Horse, Mura, Mur Island, Medjimurski, Murakoz, Murakosi Murgese, Murge Horse, Musey Pony, Mustang, Mytilene Horse.

If you can think of another breed we missed with this list, draw it and enter for a special bonus prize!

Entry deadline is March 30, 2013. E-mail your entry to

or mail your entry to

Club Pony Pals
16654 Soledad Canyon Rd. #382
Canyon Country, CA 91387

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