September Story Contest

Last Hope
By: Intensity

Riiiiiiing!  Riiiiing! 

Dez’s rude awakening was not a good start to her day, to say the least.  Dez, usually a very happy, well-mannered person, had had a rough week.
First, to kick things off, her favorite and usual mount had been sold.  Then she was informed she would have to ride the beginner horse, Acrobat. 
Acrobat, an overweight chestnut pony, was as stubborn as a mule, and wasn’t about to let up on his rider for a second.  He wasn’t exactly a dream horse.
Well, fact was fact and Acrobat would be her mighty steed.

Sigh.  I honestly hate Mondays, though they have a little slack because it’s a riding day.  Although, today is my first ride on Acrobat and I can’t say I’m uber excited for that.  Alas, it’s good to ride different horses.  I guess…

Finally, finally school ended.  My mom picked me up and we headed along the bumpy gravel back roads to Silver Pines Riding Academy.
I would give anything to attend SPRA.  As well as being one of the most high-end boarding schools in the state, their riding program was well known for producing top riders who even went onto the Junior Olympics and the Rolex 3-Day event.
But of course, since it’s something I want, I’ll have to earn the money to get it. 
Anyway, we had finally reached SPRA and I leaped out of the car.
“Bye, Mom!”  I yelled.  She smiled and waved as she backed down the drive. 

Walking into to barn, I realized something was off.  The whiteboard on which all the lessons and the rider’s mounts were posted was wayyyy off.  I was scheduled to ride a so called ‘Last Hope’.  As far as I knew, there was no Last Hopes here in SPRA. 
Then I saw the miniscule letters next to my name. “See me.”  I gulped.  Going to meet Ashley Symns’ in her office was never good.  Of course she was the nicest person alive but The Office is scary! 
Either way I had to face my doom. With slow, patronizing steps I moved as if in a funeral procession line towards the large door deemed “SPRA Head Trainer.  Ashley Symns.”

Knocking faintly on her door I heard a “Come in, Dez.” 
I did as I was told.   
 “Hi, honey!  You’re probably wondering who the heck Last Hope is, am I right?”
I nodded solemnly.
She laughed.  "You don't have to be so serious!  Last Hope, or Hope, is an abused horse we I just adopted.  She's been at my house recuperating, and just yesterday I brought her here.  Hope's fit and ready to ride, and since you're one of the best riders here, Dez, I want her to be your new project horse."

I was shocked.  There were no words even close to coming out, and that's rare for me. 
"Ahh......." Was all I could managed.
"Well, you're obviously speechless, so give me a head nod or a head shake for yes or no.  I'll ask again.  Do you or do you not want to ride Hope?"

****End of Part 1****