September Story Contest

Absolutely Horse Crazy! Book #1: The Horse of Love
By: Fluffy23
Age: 10

Chapter One:
Rosy Monte heard her mum and dad saying about their problems with money and their living. “. It’s so hard for all of us and we can’t afford for Rosy’s school fees. We can’t also find a job enough to pay for our house and our food fees too.” signed Rosy’s mum. “Here they go again.” Rosy said as she rolled her eyes.
Rosy was horse crazy since she was five. She took riding lessons but have to pay for them herself by working at the stables.  She took lessons on a horse named Star at Winter Creek Stable.
Her mum and dad were very poor and worked night and day for their living fees.
No one would be Rosy’s friend as Emily Nightingale just had to tell everyone about Rosy being poor. Though everyone thinks she is a poor, there were two friends that knows the real Rosy. Their names were Izzy Maple and Angel Sky, they were both also horse crazy and had their own horse, Rosy was the only one without one.
She looked at her model horses and said “I wish you guys were real.” She turned her light off and went into her bed. She looked at the night sky and saw a shooting star and wished “I wished to have a happy life with my family, my own horse and don’t have to have any problems.” She said as she sobbed and tucked her face into her pillow, her blonde hair were tangled to each other and then at last she went to sleep as the last tear stroked down on to her face.
Chapter two:
Next day, Rosy jogged to the Winter Creek Stable. It was 2.5 kilometers far but Rosy didn’t care, she wanted to see Star and her friends.
As she got to the stables, she groomed Star and took her for a ride.
On the way she met Izzy and Angel on Heaven (Angle’s horse) and Winter (Izzy’s horse), “So do you want to come for a sleepover next week at my house? Mum said we can stay up all night if we want to.” asked Angel to her two best friends. “Sure!” said Rosy and Izzy in unison. They all laughed together when Emily Nightingale came their way. “You are such a disappointment to this stable. I can’t believe they even let you in!” Emily hissed at the girls as she flipped her ash brown hair which was in a pig tail as she rode Rad.  “Ah!!!  I can’t take her any more, not even a second!” whispered Izzy to her friends.
Just then, Star started galloping and bucked Rosy off and went in to the wild. “Ms Wesley, help!” shouted Rosy. She tried running after Star but it seems like every bone in her body was broken into pieces. “Izzy, Angle, go after Star! I’ll call the ambulance.” shouted Ms Wesley as she took out her phone. As for Rosy everything gone blurry and then in ten seconds, everything gone black for her.

Chapter three:
“Rosy, Are you okay? Star bucked you off.”Rosy’s mum said as she holds her hand in hers.  “I’m fine and I can’t believe Star bucked me off anyway how is she?” Rosy asked as she looks to see if there were any major injuries. “Star’s fine but we decided if Star bucks people off her back, we can’t use her as a school pony anymore, we have to swap her with a horse more trained.” said Ms Wesley sadly. “Swap her, Swap Star? You can’t do that, she’s the horse which got me in to all of the shows, stables and all the work and jobs I’ve been through!” Rosy shouted as tears streamed down of her eyes like a water fall.
Rosy walked away though there was a horrible pain in her shoulders but she didn’t care, she just wanted to get away. After a while she got to their house. Just in one minute, she realized that Izzy and Angel were following her. “I’m so sorry and I know you must be in such a pain!”  whispered Angel.  “I am!” Rosy said as she opened the doors to the house.
Just then she sawed that her mum and dad were following her too. They all sat down and gave a cast to Rosy for her broken arm.  After, Rosy walked into her bedroom and cried softly in to the stuffed horse she bought with some extra money. “Star, I’m going to miss you so much” she said as she cuddled the stuffed horse and closed her eyes.
Chapter four:
Rosy woke up as the alarm on her side table beeped. She walked down and saw her parents in the living area. “Rosy, you’re going away to stay with your aunt Miller at Red Rose City until we find a job. It wouldn’t be long just about two or three months. You’ll be leaving at Tuesday; you’ll first get on to the plane at nine am and change on to the bus at 5:00 pm and will get there at eight pm. Your aunt will pay for the fees.” said Rosy’s dad. “We’ll get you as soon as possible.” Rosy’s mum said in a shaky voice.
Rosy said nothing, she ran in to the streets as tears run on her red cheeks.  She found herself in the stables not long and saw Izzy and Angel tacking up their horses. “We need to talk… my mum and dads are sending me away to live with my aunt Miller at Red Rose City. I’ll be back in two or three months but I’ll miss you guys and Star.” Rosy said as once again tears filled in her eyes. “It’s alright, we’ll see each other by the internet or call you, but we’ll miss you.” Izzy said as tears streamed down her cheeks.
Rosy walked over to Dancer’s stall to saddle her up, the most behaved pony in Winter Creek Stable. Just then Emily walked in. “So, hear you’re leaving huh? I’m sure you’ll be better there than here. After you’re gone, your friends won’t miss you at all. It happened to me once, with a friend called Lily.” Emily said as she did a little laugh.
Rosy walked away with Dancer, thinking “Could Emily be right?” she rode Dancer around the dressage ring and practice dressage. ;
After, she jogged down to her house. She had nothing in her mind that night. She had dinner and went up to bed. She buried her face inside the stuffed horse’s mane and cried. “Why do I have to go? Leave all my life and friends? They didn’t even tell me.” suggested Rosy.
 Chapter five:
The birds were chirping and Rosy had pancakes for breakfast. After, she jogged down to the stable and started mucking out the stalls. Rosy usually did it after lessons but it was her last day at the stables so she wanted to enjoy it.
She walked in to the barn office and saw no people but a sign that said “GOOD BYE ROSY MONTE. WE’RE GOING TO MISS YOU SO MUCH!” Just then she turned around and saw the riders and Ms Wesley, the vet and her parents. “Here is a present from all of us, use it well.” said Angel and Izzy in unison. Rosy opened the package and saw a check for one thousand dollars and a scrapbook with their pictures in it. “Thank you, this will help a lot!” Rosy said as her eyes sparkled.
They saddled the school horses and went for a trail ride to say a good bye to Rosy. “Send us photos and everything, okay?” asked Angel. “Promise” Rosy said in a big wide smile.
They came back and from the trail ride, they hugged they cried and even Emily was kind of sobbing.
Rosy and her parents went back home, her mum packed her food for trip and Rosy and her dad packed her things but it didn’t take long because Rosy didn’t have much thing. She packed her best cloths, the horse models, the check, the scrapbook and a photo album of their family.
After Rosy went to sleep and dream about their family happy and Star was there with her, they were all living in a big house and there was a stable for Star and a ring to practice riding in it.
Chapter six:
The alarmed beeped and Rosy woke up, she wore a purple shirt, a skirt and boots. That was the best clothes she had.
Her parents were waiting at the door. They caught a bus to the airport which took about an hour and a half. “We’ll miss you. Stay good at your aunts.” Rosy’s mum said as she waved to Rosy. Rosy waved back and she went on the plane to Red Rose City.
Hours passes by and she was about to change into the bus. It was going to be a long trip so she ate the piece of cake her mum had packed for her.
Finally she arrived and she saw her aunt and ran towards her.”Rosy, you are so much bigger than I thought you were!” Aunt Miller said as she hugged Rose. 
They went into her car and went straight for her house. When Rosy stepped out, she saw a barn and a big mansion. “Wow! How many acres is this?” Rosy ask as she took out her luggage. “We’ll get you a trip later but go unpack now.” Aunt Miller said as she squeezed Rosy’s warm hands.
Rosy walked into her room, the walls were painted dark purple, horse posters were on walls and books about horses was on the shelf. It was three times bigger than Rosy’s old room. “Wow! And it’s all mine.” Rosy said as she felt the velvety bed sheet with pictures of horses galloping on them.
Chapter seven:
Rosy walked into the barn with Aunt Miller, she had blue eyes and a golden, long hair. “Here are the horses, this mare is a French trotter, she’s two and a half and her name is Wind and she’s my horse, this is Utter the welsh gelding, he’s three years old, this is Fire the paint horse gelding and he’s four years old , this is Syrup the Shetland mare, she’s just one year old and eight months and this is Red, the Appaloosa mare…she’s really quite old, she’s six years age. So anyway go explore this land, it has lots of great adventures.”  Aunt Miller said as she walked over to Wind.
Rosy decided not to take any horses but just walked all the way to the Destiny Lake when she saw Star and there was a diamond heart necklace around the her neck but the last time she saw the mare was at her bad fall but it is possible. “Here Star!”Rosy said in a soothing voiced when she started clicking. Star trotted over to Rosy “Good girl, it.” Rosy whispered into the mare’s soft ears as she snatched the diamond necklace around Star’s neck.
She slowly opened the heart and found a letter which said:
Dear Finder of Star, my name is Hope and I am hoping Star has a good life with you. My Ma and Pa are going to sell Star for savage after we swept her at Winter Creek Stable with our horse Wish. I released her here so she would be alive and if you are a horse lover, please take her as your horse, I don’t want her to be sold by salvage. Well Pa and Ma are back from the trip. Just have to say Star’s gone. Please take her as your horse, you’re her last chance.  Hope
“Oh I have to find out what happened.” Rosy said as she hugged StarShe knew it was up into her.
She ran to the News Paper Organization with Star as she tied her to the pole near the shop and dug up a paper about Star being swapped. The article in the paper said:  Star, the resident horse from Winter Creek Stable has been swapped with the champion horse Wish by the Angora family. Hope said “We’ll train her.” But after one or two days Mrs. and Mr. Angora said Star was only good use for salvage. Then Star mysteriously disappeared when they were on trip. If you seen her call 0876584 or come to Silver Bell town, Westerns Street at 43 A (Prize of 80 bucks for turning back)  
Rosy walked out of the News Paper Organization as she carried the paper in her hands.
She walked towards Aunt Miller’s house with Star and put her in the barn where Aunt Miller was. “Rosy who’s this?” Aunt Miller asked when Rosy handed the letter and the paper to her.
They had dinner and there was a whole utter of silence trough the whole time but Aunt Miller broke the silence, “ Rosy, there’s two side to this problem and I’m sure you know what they are anyway the best thing to do is if you want Star so much go talk to the family and buy her. I will give you some money.” Aunt Miller said as she patted Rosy on the back. “It’s alright I have enough.” Rosy said as she looked at the golden chandelier.  
Rosy walked into her room, she lied down on her bed as she read one of the horse books which was the book Black Beauty. Slowly, she went to sleep.

Chapter eight:
Rosy woke up at seven am and went straight for the dining room to have breakfast. “Rosy, get dress first, then we’ll go to the new owners of Star to tell them you want to buy her.” Aunt Miller said as she took a sip from her tea. “Okay, where is Silver Bell town anyway?” asked Rosy. “Rosy, it’s a little town in the country side but it’s not far I guess just about 15 kilo meters and more. I’m not sure, I‘ve never been there before.” Aunt Miller said as she nods at Rosy.
They had breakfast and went straight towards Aunt Miller’s car; went for the road.
“Can I talk to my friends?” Rosy asked as she held out her hand. “Okay, here you go, and don’t worry everything will be fine.” Aunt Miller said as she gave her phone to Rosy. “Hey, yeah Angel, Izzy, you’ll never guess what happened, I found Star, but a girl named Hope owns her now so here to go and negotiate and get her to sell Star back to me. It’s not a problem because she said ‘please be Star’s new owner if you are a horse lover’ in her letter but the problem is her parents, they were trying to sell Star for savage, I know…Bye…See you in two month time. Maybe…” Rosy said to Angel and Izzy on the phone.
They drove for two hours and Star was in the horse trailer with Wind.
Will be continued… read next story contest to find out more.