August Story Contest

The Mysterious Horse
By: hollyehinote
Age: 11

One day Angela was walking through town buying groceries then she spotted the most beautiful mare ever.  She ran over and started petting him; she noticed a sign that said he was only $50 which was in her budget. It also said it was a limited time offer so, she thought her mom would love it because she kept on saying that the only reson she couldn’t have it was that they didn’t have enough money.

At first when she bought him she went out in the field and built a small pen. She also bought some used tack and hardware.  She came out every day to ride her new horse.  She fed him, groomed him, and rode him every second she could sneak away from her chores.  She even slept with him in the stalls.

One day her mom followed her out to the fields because she kept on finding the chores unfinished. When she saw him she…

To be continued in next issue…
p.s sorry I didn’t write it longer I was short on time.