August Story Contest

The Midnight Mystery Part 4 part 1 part 2 part 3
By: Scoutgirl
Age: 12

Jake led David around the barn to where their dad saw Mackenzie riding a horse he’s never seen before.   His dad answered unaware who’s horse is that?

Mackenzie replied hes mine dad, I caught and trained him.
Wait you caught him? So hes a wild horse!?

well yes but no. hes just a TRAINED wild horse…. are you mad? I
don’t believe you training a horse takes a long time. Where did you keep this horse while you were training him?

Get on your horse and we will show you!

The 3 of them rode over to where they had been keeping phantom and showed there dad. He was very surprised that his kids were smart enough to train a wild horse and some what shocked that he hadn’t noticed yet.

When did you have time to train him?

We trained him during the night so no one saw us.
I still have no clue how you managed to get enough sleep and all but oh well. You trained him and now we have a wild horse to get rid of.  
Wait dad get rid of?! Why?! We have worked so long and so hard to train him and now you wont even let us keep him! Why!! That’s not fair! Hes a great horse and hes really fast! Ppppppllllleeeeaaaaasssseeeee can we keep him!
Enough of that we have to many horses already and he’d still have to learn tons more before we would ever be able to make money off of him. You know the rule every horse must earn their stay here.
Dad he WILL be able to earn his stay and he IS going to stay! He’s my horse please! We could do races or barrels or, or, or something else! I don’t know but some how some way he is going to stay! You have to let him have a chance! Dad shes right you know hes a VERY smart horse and would be easy to train and hes not very skittish either! Please just give us some time.
Ok. I will give you 6 months and in that time you have to either keep him in the pasture with no hay or buy your own hay for him. I will help with the shoeing and shots. After your six months is up he better be able to earn his own pay.

Thank you so much dad! Ok we will! Don’t worry!

Over the next six months Jake and Kenzie had to build a separate pasture for phantom so he wouldn’t eat the other horses grass. Another one of their dads requirements. The kids decided to make phantom into a racing horse. jake would ride their dads fastest horse lightning a thoroughbred and Mackenzie would ride Phantom. The would go to one end of a field and race to the next. Mackenzie always pushed phantom faster and faster until he was far ahead of lightning. one day Mackenzie decided that phantom was ready for the real track. Jake and kenzie loaded lighting and phantom up in the trailer and headed over to the local race track. After the kids had warmed their horses and gotten them all ready the went to the shoots. They got their horses in and waited for them to open.

When they did, Lightning shot out and ran as fast as he could. Phantom caught on and soon the horses were both galloping next to each other Mackenzie whispered into phantoms ear “take me home boy” (which she always did when they neared the end) and phantom used his last little bit of energy and sped ahead of lightning past the finish line.
Wow good boy!! You’re so fast! I knew you could do it! I just knew it! Now we just have to see if you can beat an actual race horse.

Jake and kenz cooled their horses and headed home. They made arrangements with the some of the town’s racehorses to meet on Friday afternoon at the race track for a practice race. Friday came and all the horses were loaded into the shoots.

Phantom number 3 Lightning number 1, a horse called “Can’t catch me” was number 4; another horse “Eat my dust” was number 2 and last but not least the fastest one of all “Speed o’ light” was number 5. and they were off! Phantom in between eat my dust and can’t catch me.

Lightning coming up behind dust; and speed o’ light was in the front. Mackenzie had been holding Phantom back alittle and now let him go a little more. Now Phantom is right behind speed o’ light, hes breathing so hard you can almost hear his heart pounding. Speed o’ light speeds up seeing the finish line around 2 more curbs. Mackenzie lets Phantom out a little more and they are on lights tail slowly getting more ahead. Now almost neck to neck, one more curb until the finish line!

Can Phantom do it?

Mackenzie whispers 'take me home boy.'
But Phantom doesn’t do anything, so she says it again and still nothing. Finish line is almost there and Phantom moves away from Speed o’ light, now on the right side of the track instead of left. Now, with all the energy he has left, he leaps forward and crosses the finish line just as Speed o’ light spooks at a bird that had flown down on the track and side steps right where Phantom and Mackenzie were. 

1st place goes to Mackenzie and Phantom. 2nd Speed o’ light and Alex. 3rd place is Can’t catch me and Mason. 4th place is Eat my dust and Jessie and 5th place goes to Lightning and Jake.

Wow! You did it phantom! You beat 3 of the fastest horses in town! Im so proud of you!
Speed o’ light was fine and just needed a week off, Eat my dust and Lightning almost tied for 4th, but at the last moment, Dust stuck his head out farther and had a tiny extra burst of energy to get past Lightning.  

Mackenzie and Jake's dad let them keep Phantom, who is now the fastest horse in their town and state. His racing name is Mystery Phantom, because of the night that Mackenzie found him. Phantom assumed to be around 14 years old now is still going strong and Mackenzie plans to race him until he can’t anymore!

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who voted for all of my chapters! I love making up little stories for you guys. I have another idea but I’m not sure if it’s a good one or if I have the time to finish it with school my own animals and riding oh and making money for the horse I now get to lease! Shes a national show horse 5 yrs white and grey paint but her spots are like a roan grey and she looks so cool! Haha her barn name is Lexi and her show name is Strikes zippity doda. I love her to bits and someday wouldn’t mind buying her! My lease on her starts in October but I have to earn as much money now so I don’t have to worry as much when I’m in school. You guys are always there for me if I have a question or just want to talk and have fun! I don’t have very much time anymore to be on the computer so I might not be able to come on as often as I do any more I know sad. But I’ll try to make the sleep overs! Again thanks for EVERYTHING and I hope you enjoyed my story!