August Story Contest

Come Back Pony!
By: Fluffy23
Age: 10

One morning Caitlin Brown headed out to the Animal Shelter to see Sunshine. Sunshine is a black pony and came from a very loyal breed. Caitlin loves that pony but her aunt doesn’t have any extra money for a pony. Caitlin was a very smart student and her grades were always A+. She lives with her aunt because her mum and dad have to work in Brazil. She did stay with her parents until she was nine when her mum made a decision that she had to study hard in one place but Caitlin couldn’t do that in Brazil so Caitlin now lives here in Lain Junction with her aunt. She was glad she came to Lain Junction because she met a friend who loves ponies and have a pony of her own named Moon Shadow. That friend is Andison Staim. She is a great student too and lives right next door to Caitlin.

When Caitlin walked in to the Animal Shelter, she saw Andison and Moon Shadow.
“Hi Cait!” Andison shouted over. ‘Cait’ is Caitlin’s nickname and Caitlin calls Andison ‘Andy ‘most of the time.
“Hi Andy!” Caitlin pleaded out with a grin.  Sunshine was just in the barn next to Caitlin. “Sunshine, I’m going to ask Ms Carter if I can take you for a ride!” said Caitlin excitedly.
“Of course you can!” Ms Carter said.                   
“I didn’t know you were behind me and thank you!” Caitlin said with a surprised smile. 
“Let’s go!” Caitlin and Andison said it in unison. They rode their ponies to the Land of Horror where no one lived for at least a billion years. They had a picnic and went back to the Animal Shelter.
 “There you are! This little girl wants to adopt Sunshine and she is going to come and take her away at next Sunday.” Ms Carter said to Caitlin with a sad face, she knows how much Caitlin loves Sunshine.
“No. please don’t go Sunshine please.” Caitlin said it in a hoarse whisper.  Sunshine nickered as if to say ‘I don’t want to leave’.
“We’ll go to the Pizza Parlor.”  Andison said after cheer Caitlin up when the little girl left. ”it won’t help! Sunshine is gone!” Caitlin shouted with a hopeless mind. Tears were streaming down from her eyes, she run straight to her house.

“Caitlin, what’s wrong?” Caitlin’s aunt said with a sad smile.
"Someone’s buying  ...Sunshine! I loved Sunshine so much but now she’s gone! I’ll probably never see her again.”Caitlin said when she was still crying.
“Oh Cait, I was going adopt that pony for you because I got a new job as the manager of the furniture shop and they’re paying me triple than my last job! I’ll talk to Ms Carter and I’ll buy Sunshine for you if I have to.” Caitlin’s aunt said. “Do you promise?” Caitlin whispered.
“I’ll call her right now!” Caitlin said when she walked out of Caitlin’s bedroom.
“Caitlin! Come listen to this! “Caitlin’s aunt shouted and just then Caitlin ran towards her aunt just like a marathon racer. “Ms Carter said if I pay 200 bucks, she sell Sunshine to you instead and I did said yes it’s just a quarter of my salary. So she said she’ll call the little girl parents that they can’t adopt Sunshine anymore and you can come and get her at ten o’clock tomorrow and you can keep her with Moon Shadow!” Caitlin’s aunt said.

The next morning, Caitlin went to the animal shelter to pick Sunshine up and when they rode home Caitlin whispered “you’re my pony now and nobody else and I’m so happy about that”.

The End