August Story Contest

Black Ace
By: Arabluv
Age: 11

Hi! I’m Zephyra, that means Strong Wind, but my registered name is Black Ace. I’m a pure bred Thoroughbred; I go all the way down to Secretariat. My mom’s name was Diva, which is Powerful Woman; her registered name was Black Beauty. My dad was Plato, which means Strong Shoulders; his registered name was Ace of Hearts.  My maternal grandparents were pure bred thoroughbred nags. They were Beauty and Blackie (Blackie was my grandpa). My paternal grandparents are Heartland express, grandfather, and Smart Ace, grandmother. I never knew my dad, or his family, and my mother had to go train when I was born. I was sent to live with a Chestnut Thoroughbred broodmare named Belle, Clear as a Bell. I would love to go back to her parents, but no. Aw, man, I have to, her dad was Church Bell, her mom was Clear Water. Who knows what her Grandparents names are! So anyway, I was in her care.
“Nana?” I asked, I called her Nana, she was my nanny, but I never called her that.
“Yes Plato? What is bothering you?” She replied.
“Well, my friend Strawberry Shortcake, do you know her parents?”
“Strawberry Mist and Sweet as a Shortcake? Yes I do.”
“They look just like her! Strawberry Roans!”
“Yes?” She looked puzzled, like she didn’t know where I was going.
Good, she has no idea! All the better.  I thought. “How come you don’t look like me?”
“Oh, I knew this day would come sooner or later.” She looked sad.
“You can tell me! I’m 7 months old.” I puffed up my chest and pawed the ground, pretending to be a racehorse.
“You sure are! I’m not your mother.”
“What?” I deflated.
“You were taken so your mother could train again.”
“Oh. I want to see her.”
“You can’t!”
“I will!” I galloped off, the good thing about my blood lines; I was bred to be super sonically fast. I could hear Belle behind me, I neared a fence and I jumped it. I landed and kept galloping; I turned my head to look back and slammed into something. I looked up and saw a monstrous black mare staring down at me.

Find out what happens next! Who the black mare is, and what Black Ace will do! W-mail me your votes!
The mare is his mother and Black Ace will runaway.
The mare is his mother and Black Ace doesn’t believe it.
The mare is his aunt and leads Black Ace to his mother.