July 2009 Story Contest

Wild Horses by Black & Black Beauty age 9


Once Upon a time, there was a girl who had a way with animals. Her name was Serena.  Her parents were poor and she wanted to help. She went to her special spot where she thought. She thought and thought. Finally, she had an idea. There were tons of wild horses that she would see every day and at least one of them would come to her every time she saw them.  She would bring a halter and lead rope.  All she had to do was save up enough money to buy tack. She checked her money every day. Finally, she had enough money.  She went to the store to buy the halter and lead rope. The next day she went to the far valley.  The horses couldn’t get to their land because of a tall bar fence.  She opened the gate and walked through .She went to a tree and sat down. After a while, she saw the horses! She saw one was coming towards her cause it thought it would get petted. She secretly got out the halter.  The horse was now close enough to pet.  She quickly got the halter on and was surprised that the horse didn’t pull to get away. She trained it very well. She decided to sell it in an auction.  She made 2500 dollars off that one horse! She did the same thing to the other horses. With her help, her family became the richest in the country!