July 2009 Story Contest

Wiggins Story by chico3838 & Snow White         age 12

A while ago there were three girls who lived in Wiggins. Katie always loved hearing the stories about them and there ponies. One day while she was riding on a trail. Her horse suddenly stumbled. She got off to look. But couldn't see anything that her horse could have trip on. When she got to Badd Brook she saw hoof prints. 

Not just one pair but three. How could this be she thought. There were no other ponies around. So she decided to fallow them. She looked at her watch it was already 8 and she was pretty sure someone would be looking for her. But she had to find where the tracks led.

Once again she looked at her watch. Hardly believing how much time had past. It was way past midnight. But she just had to keep looking. Finally she was about ready to give up. She was tired hungry and cold.

Then she heard a neigh. She looked up. Where could that be from she wondered. Than she saw it. Three beautiful gray mares. For one second she thought about capturing them. But something made her stop. 

She knew that the horses wouldn't be to happy if she had just locked them up. So she decided to head back. She didn't want to disturb them. Besides she could always come back another day to see them. 
The end!