July 2009 Story Contest

Unicorns AreTame at Heart by microphone & Black Mist age 12

            It stood majestically in the lush green meadow, its black mane and tail billowing in the wind. The golden horn shimmered as the sun hit it. Behind the majestic unicorn stood a group of snow white unicorns with silver horns and hooves. Surrounding the meadow were evergreen trees, mostly pine. A helicopter flew above the herd. They all looked up and ran. The stallion fell back to chase them faster. The helicopter was chasing them. The black stallion whinnied. His mares ran faster. Soon, another white horse merged with the herd. But in their fright, they didn’t notice that it wasn’t a unicorn. Finally the unicorns found themselves trapped in a coral. They whinnied and neighed. The black unicorn was the loudest. The humans quickly separated the black stallion and put him in a small coral. On one side was a white mare. The stallion couldn’t resist. He went up to her and sniffed her. He quickly bred her and then trotted around the coral. He looked over at his other mares and realized that they were being sold. His coral was private. He neighed loudly. His best mare, Starlight, was being led away by a young boy. Unicorns were tame at heart. Starlight looked back and whinnied, longing to be back with her mate to deliver their foal. But she disappeared. “Come with me, brute,” said a man. The stallion reared. The man waited for the stallion to land before jamming a halter onto his beautiful head. The man tugged on the rope and pulled the stallion into a public auction stall and placed a clipboard on his stall door. Next to the stallion was his second best mare, Damsel. She snorted a ‘hello’, but then lowered her head and stayed quiet. A girl saw the rearing stallion and steadily approached his stall. “Whoa, boy, easy,” The stallion snorted, puffing, but stopped. The girl delicately wrote on the clipboard. “I’ll see you later, boy.” The girl smiled and waved.

            Three hours later, both of the mares on either side of the unicorn were gone. Only three other people signed the clipboard. The first girl came again. “Okay boy, it’s right before your auction ends, so I’m bidding again. Thirty-thousand dollars.” The girl left again and stood expectantly. Three other people joined her. Finally a strange man came up and read the clipboard. “Who is Pattie Thomson?” “I am!” The first girl said. “Well, you have a handful there. Be careful with him. Maybe you’ll get some good foals out of him. That other horse you bought, Freckles, she was just bred by him.”

            “You know, a good name for you would be Stormy Black Cloud.” Pattie led Storm to a stall and took off his halter. “I’ll see you later.” Pattie left. Storm waited for her all night, waited for an adventure!