July 2009 Story Contest

my two “ one in a million”  ponies By Horseshoe & Stardust age 12

Hi my username is horseshoe and i love the pony pal books.Here is my story about how i got my two “ one in a million”  ponies.

It all started four years ago.........

"Mum i want a pony!",  "maybe when your older dear". That was that mum was not going to budge nethier was dad "Their dangerous damn things, don't you go to lessons anyway?", " ***sigh*** Yes i do dad but its not the same as having my own!", But my dream of owning a pony was still alive. It would be the same thing day after day, "When your older", and so on.

One boring day when I was sitting on the sofa reading my pony books and looking at the beautiful pictures of girls on their PERFECT ponies, mum popped the question: "Would you like to go and have a look at this pony in the paper?". "What?" I said "There is a miniature pony for sale in the newspaper here, would you like to go and have a look at him?"   "YES! YES! A MILLION TIMES YES!" I was so excited i could not calm down so we had to go and see him that afternoon. His owner only lived half an hour away from where we lived, just out of Timaru in Seadown. Once we arrived a lady named Rachel came out to greet us (Me, my brother, my mum and my dad) then took us out to see the pony it was love at first sight  he was black, but the only problem was that he seemed well.... bored, like he had nothing to live for. I dont realy remember him even moving over to greet us, so I went over to him and i let him sniff my palm he seemed to accept me as a friend. Rachel had two other ponies and a draft horse. We got home and mum asked me if I liked him of course i said yes. That night mum rang Rachel to tell her that we liked him and wanted to buy him. It was all arranged, that weekend we were going to pick up my pony. It took ages for the weekend to come. Well actually it took the same amount of time that it always did, but it felt like forever to me! Finally the day came we arrived at Rachels place we loaded the miniature pony aboard the trailer and set off for home. He was only $600 stable rug, halter and lead rope included. When we got home I put him in the paddok and spent the rest of the day out there with my very own pony. That night at dinner we were trying to give the pony a name(he was only young and we had to name him) "Sid" dad said, "thats perfect!"i said now my pony had a name, Sid.

Three years later mum and dad were convinced that I truly love ponies and that it wasint a phaze. Mum told me that I was ready, ready to move on and finally get a pony that I could ride. But I told mum i was not selling Sid i love him to much to let him go. We started looking for a pony to ride in the middle of 2008. Unfurtuneally the first pony we went to look at gave me a realy bad buck. We arrived in the car I was ready to try the pony out i had my helmet ready for action. They allready had the pony tacked up and waiting 'not a good start' I thought. Once I hopped on the horse I started walking around the lady kept on talking to her daughter and every time she was talking about Chance(The crazy little pony i was riding) she would say "OH HE IS COMPLEATLY BOMBPROF" rather to loudly, it was very suspicious. The lady told me to get the pony going so I went into trot. When i turned around the corner the horse bolted then did a HUGE buck to get rid of me. the lady orderd her daugter to get on Chance to get him going again but she cowerd in the corner like a chicken running away from a wolf. I was very badly hurt and I just wanted to get home. I think back to that terrible day, and when I think it through everything leads back to that girl. I belive that it was her falt the pony bolted and bucked. And i'll tell you why I think it was her: She fed Chance four HUMAN lollies not meant for horses, when her mother told her to stop feeding Chance lollies all the girl did was smirk, the most evil smirk you could ever see......

Of course I would not leave the story on a bad note, so here goes!
A couple of months later when we were looking on Trade Me we found what looked to be a very good pony. We arranged to fly up to the north island and see if he was allright to buy. The people who owned the pony called Maddy were lovely and they even let us stay with them. Maddy was the most georgeous pony you could ever imagine slim handsome and gray with dapple grey points. He was also very friendly and perky! I did get Maddy in the end.

Below are pictures of the cutest, friendliest, cheekiest most loving ponies on earth.

horseshoes ponies