July 2009 Story Contest

Thunder by Saphare999 & Pacer age 12

             Boom! Crash! Sara looked back and tried to see her shrinking house, but she didn't see much from the back of a beautiful all white Arabian in the horrible lightning storm.
             Good riddence. She thought, even though the causious part of her was thinking, Oh man, I never should have ran away. What happens if Angel spooks and runs back with me on her or hurts me?  Bang! Went the thunder, and then a whinny. What? I must be imagining things. Unless that was Angel, but it didn't sound like her. Why would another horse be out here? thought Sara, puzzled. Bam! More thunder. Then,for a split second, when a lightning bolt struck the ground not too far from her, Sara saw a beautiful Friesian horse that was all black except for figures that looked like bolts of lightning on it's thigh and whithers. Also, for that split second, Sara and the Friesian locked eyes. For some reason, Sara felt as if the horse were talking to her, saying, "Go home. We'll meet again soon enough." Then the moment was over.
               Should I keep riding, or should I go home? questioned Sara. She stayed there for a moment, then another bolt of lightning. She saw her house not too far in the distance, and she then thought it over. If I keep riding, Angel will get over tired and we might get hurt. Home's not too far away, and besides, that horse either was actully talking to me, or it was just in my head... I'll go home. And the desion was made. This time, Sara trotted home instead of galloping.
                 "But Mom-" Sara was saying to her mother after Angel was all settled. "No buts young lady. Just because me and your dad are getting devorced doesn't mean that you have to go disappearing like that. I rode around in that storm yelling for you and when you trotted back I was so realived. Do you know how seriously hurt you could've gotten?" demanded her mom. "Yes Mom," Sara replied. "Come on, I'll make you soe dinner and some hot coco. Ok?" Sara's mom said. "K. Thanks Mom. But what about the horses? Did you feed them all?" A worried Sara asked. "Don't worry hun, I did," her mom assured her.
                 After Sara ate her late supper, she went upstairs into her room. She didn't want to sleep, but she wanted to think. 
                Ok, I should probably write this in my diary. Sara thought, getting out her diary. She opened it up and started writing.
Dear Diary,
      the date is August 7th, 2003 and Mom and Dad got devorced. I was so mad and angry, I didn't know what to think!!! But I chose to live wtih Mom for most of the time because I didn't want to move and I love all the horses we have... especially Angel. But I took Angel and rode her away anyways. It was a night with a HORRIBLE thunder storm and I couldn't see unless there was a bolt of lightning. The next bolt I saw after I couldn't see home, there was the BEAUTIFUL all black Friesian except for what looked like bolts of lightning on it's thigh and whithers. Something told me that it was a Stallion. And I felt like he was talking to me, saying, "Go home we'll meet again soon." Or something like that. So I came home and had a lecture from Mom. Then I came up here... and I guess that's it.

The End