July 2009 Story Contest

The Rescue by Caroline K & Jazz   age 12

One day Sammy and Rebecca noticed that their bunny's cage door was opend and lucky their rabbit was gone!  So they both saddled up their ponies Rust and poncho to go look.  As they cantered along with their eyes alert they noticed something fuzzy and white in a barbed wire fence.  As they drew nearer they noticed a sign that read "BEWARE OF DOG" on it. Sammy started to panic saying all the worst things and all of a sudden Lucky ran under Sammy's pony Rusty, and she was being chased by a huge, mean dog.  Rusty got spooked by it and reared, causing Sammy to fall off.  Rusty started galloping to the woods.  Now two animals were missing.  "Hurry!  Jump on!"  Cried Rebbeca.  Sammy jumped on Poncho, a brown and white paint.  As soon as she touched the pony they took off galloping towards Lucky. Rebecca had stirrups and the horses mane, but Sammy had nothing.  Luckily she knew the key to keeping your balance on a horse was to squeeze with your legs and they made it to lucky.  But Sammy had only one shot.  If she missed it might be to late for lucky and galloping on Poncho leaning over with pressure on you is not easy.  so leaning over she scooped up luck in her arms and they started towards home.  After they were far away from the dog sammy relized she may never see rusty again.  Rebecca tried to comfert her saying "he'll be there when we get back, he was just scared'".  But she was wrong.  So Sammy went to bed crying because her pony was really gone but they found lucky.  But Rusty was all alone at night.  Sammy drifted to sleep dreaming of Rusty. And Rusty. And Rusty.  The next morning Sammy ran downstairs saying " Bye mom I'm gong to take care of Rus...ty."Then she relized Rusty was gone and slowly went outside to go see Rebecca.  Then she sat down on the picnic table and relized Rebecca was sleeping.  A whole week went by without a sign of Rusty. Then one morning she was outside and there was som rustling in the bushes and a pony came out nosing five baby bunnies along.  This pony eas covered in dirt and didnt loo a thing like Rusty but when Sammy looked in the ponies eyes she ran up to him, put her arms around his neck and said "Rusty you came home!"   

The End