July 2009 Story Contest

Pony Pal Adventures by Flashie1 & Flash Girl 

  When the three girls were riding their pony on a hot summer day, Pam said, "Could it get any hotter, I think the horses are about to fall to their knees cause of this heat." Anna said, "Let's get back to the stables have some water, brush the horses off, and then go up to the hay loft and play Add Like Mad. Sebras was at the barn when they arrived, she was looking around the barn in a panick. Lulu thought something was wrong, so she asked "Sebras do you have a ant in your pants cause you look like one of those mice looking for your lost cheese." Sebras knew she was joking but just replied that she was looking for the kitten, which has been known for running off and not returning.
   Meanwhile Pam and Anna were easedropping to do the same as Lulu, which was make sure everything was alright. "I got here took Belle into her stall played with him, then I got a sandwhich and was going to let him have the turkey cause I dislike the turkey very much. But when I turned around he was gone, so I thought I would wait and see so I ate the part of my sandwhich I liked then played a few games in the hayloft, which that took about an hour all together" she stuttered. All the girls looked at her with their jaws dropped thinking "She is a fast talker!" When Pam and Anna took care of their horses they helped Lulu with hers while Sebras was running and calling out his name hoping to find him.
   "Ok let's go look outside of the barn, when they got out they checked the barrel and they checked up in the trees but found nothing. They went back into the barn and thought where the little rascal might be. They went up in the hayloft to play games and think where he might be, all of a sudden they heard a loud meow once they had sat down. It had turned out that Anna sat on the kitten's tail by accidently. Not only that! He was sleeping right were Sebras had put her wrapped up turkey from her turkey earlier. Apperantly, he had pulled off the wrapping, then eat the turkey, and after that hardy lunch, a nap was what he needed.
   He looked at the girls with a look that said, "WHAT! Why did you people disturb you?! HMFFF!" He snuggled up in the hay and fell back to sleep. Sebras said, "You sneek I thought ran off, then wait maybe I should have checked here. Well, at least we found him we should be very thankful." Pam replied, "You are right he is fine we are fine and nothing has what we right Lulu and Anna!" "You BET!" they replied.
   The next day was alot cooler so they took their horses out for a hack and invited Sebras and Belle with them. And nothing went wrong for a whole week.

                To be Continued....                                   

  No kitten was hurt in the making!
   Fiction (This is not real)
   Come see next month's story entry to continue their epic journeys!