July 2009 Story Contest

The New Saddle!  by ~Adeline~ & Hope age 12

             Chapter One Kelsey’s Ride  

Kelsey placed the new saddle firmly on her jet black Friesian mare. She adjusted it carefully, and then turned to the man who stood behind her. “Oh, Daddy! It’s the new saddle I’ve been wanting!” the girl exclaimed joyfully. Yes, Kelsey, it is,” the man said smiling, “I knew how much you wanted it, and you’re other one was getting rather old, and then you worked so hard in the garden with Jake, that your mom and I decided to get it for you.” Kelsey beamed thanks, and squeezed him tightly, and then her mom, and got so carried away that she even hugged her big brother Jake, who was also in the barn. “Hey!” he yelled, very surprised. “Oh, sorry Jake” Kelsey replied, to happy to notice the look of want towards the new brown saddle and green striped saddle blanket. “Aw Dad! That saddle is the one I’ve always wanted, too!” he complained. Mr. Comfrey smiled at him, and moved gracefully down the alley and stopped in front of Jake’s horse’s stall. Jake looked doubtful, but he obediently opened the door, and gave a big whoop of delight that must of startled every horse in the barn. “Dad, you got me one, too!” Jake exclaimed. And sure enough, there stood Jake’s Pinto mare, Mia, and a shiny new black saddle, and a dark, blue saddle blanket. ”Thanks Dad!” he said and began to saddle her up the rest of the way. Meanwhile, Kelsey was back in her horse’s stall, admiring the new saddle and saddle blanket. She followed Jake’s example and began to finish saddling her own horse, Ebony. When she finished, she led Ebony out of the barn. The smell of the lilies blooming took her breath away. Then she mounted and took off at a gallop down the lain towards her favorite pasture. They ran for a while, and when they reached the field, they flopped down on the grass to rest. The field looked like a fairyland, full of blue, yellow, orange, and purple, pink, red and white flowers. And between the flowers was the green grass that Ebony liked to chew on. She picked a bunch of clover for Ebony, her favorite treat. Then she got up, and noticed that the sun was sinking lower in the sky. She remounted and turned and galloped out of the field, on to the trail, and finally the lain, when she reached this barn, it was pitch black out side, and Kelsey knew that they were practically invisible, with Ebony’s black coat, and her black curls. She unsaddled Ebony and brushed her down good. She also removed five burrs from her, which was picked up on the path leading to the field. Then she walked up the path to the house, the light within  it shining brightly in welcome.    

Chapter Two Kate’s Visit  

The next morning, Kelsey woke up early to do chores. She milked the cow, and fed the chickens and gathered the eggs. Kelsey had planned to pack a lunch and spend all day in the pasture with Ebony, but instead, Kate Downing came over. Now, Kelsey didn’t hate Kate Downing, but her last name said it all. All she ever did was wine, put other people down, and ruin other people’s days by coming over without asking. Another thing, she always wanted to play childish games: Old Maid, Duck, Duck Goose, and Here We Go ‘round the Mulberry Bush and stuff like that. Well, today was no exception. “Hey Kelsey!” Kate said “Hi Kate.” Kelsey answered, looking wistfully at the barn. “Go get Jake and we’ll play tag!” Kelsey said “No, sorry Kate. I’m going to ride Ebony.” Kelsey said, and realized she shouldn’t have mentioned riding. “Oh, well your mean! I came all this way to play with you! I don’t know why I wanted to play tag with you though! How about I tell your mother?!”  She yelled, very angry. Kate knew what got Kelsey mad, and that was mentioning Kelsey’s mother in an argument. And of course, today was no exception. “Katie May Downing!” Kelsey yelled at the top of her lungs, “You listen to me! I am twelve years old! That makes you two years younger!! I am my own person, with my own ideas, and my own time to spend. And right now, I am going to spend it riding my horse!!” And Kelsey stomped off to the barn, leaving Kate looking dumbfounded. She was never spoken to in such fashion, nor had she ever expected anyone to do so.    

Chapter Three The Accident  

In the garden, Mrs. Comfrey watched as Kelsey ran to the barn, and she quietly followed. When she reached the barn, she watched through a window as Kelsey tossed on the saddle, doing a very poor job while in a rage. Then she hopped on and practically flew out the door and down the lain, just missing her mother as she went. Mr. Comfrey was in his tool shop when he noticed his wife by the barn. He walked over to her and asked her what she was doing. “Oh, Charles, Kelsey is in one of her moods again,” she said. “What do you mean?” “She got mad at Kate Downing, I think, and she just took off on Ebony.” Mrs. Comfrey explained, “Can you go after her?” Charles nodded, and began to saddle his stallion, Sarge. Mean while, Kelsey was driving Ebony down the lane. They were going so fast, that Kelsey could barely see the trail. Suddenly, Ebony focused on something laying on the trail. It was  massive snake, coiled up right in front of the horse. Ebony reared up, catching Kelsey totally off guard. She clung to his mane and screamed. All the commotion scared the snake, and he raised his evil head and hissed and spat. Kelsey guessed it was about five feet long, and she had no idea if he was poisonous or not. Kelsey screamed again, and Ebony threw her head back, nearly hitting Kelsey’s own head. Ebony whinnied and screamed in terror. Kicking up dust and rearing, and suddenly, Kelsey found herself flying through the air; Kelsey thought she was done for as she landed on the ground, two yards away from the snake. Kelsey suddenly realized her leg, it was bent the way no leg should be, and it was beginning to throb, Kelsey laid back, feeling a little dizzy. Then she heard a gun shot and that everything was still. Too still. Kelsey wondered if they had shot Ebony. She moaned. Something was casting a shadow over her, it was a man, she could tell that, but the sun was shining behind him, so Kelsey couldn’t see his face, then she noticed a horse behind him. It was Sarge. Relief flowed though Kelsey’s body, and she blacked out.    

Chapter Four No Riding?  

A few hours later, Kelsey woke up in a bed, with white sheets, and a room with a white wall. And some people looking down at her, she recognized them as her mom, dad, Jake, and Kate. Everyone smiled, and her family sat down and explained what had happened. “When you went racing off down the lane,” Mrs. Comfrey began, “I told your father, well, honey, why don’t you tell this part? You know it better than I do.” “Ok, Laura. Well anyway, I headed down there right away, shot that snake and carried you home. We called the ambulance, and they set your leg and put a cast on it and well, that’s it.” Kelsey realized that her leg was broken. “What about Ebony?” she asked, realizing her father had not mentioned her Friesian mare. Mr. Comfrey smiled, “Ebony’s just fine, Kelsey. Jake brushed her down, and fed and watered her for you” Kelsey smiled, “Thank you, Jake, “she said Jake smiled. ”Sure Kelsey.” Everyone was suddenly silent, and then Kate stepped up. “I’m sorry for making you mad, Kelsey, I won’t do it again,” Kate said. Kelsey smiled, “That’s ok, Kate.” “Well Kelsey, you’ll be off your feet for about two months, so that means, no riding!” her father said. Kelsey was astounded. No riding?? It never occurred to her that she couldn’t ride. What could she do for two months? Not much, she thought. Kelsey noticed that Kate was holding something. “Here Kelsey,” she said. Kelsey looked at what she was holding. It was a small thick book. The front cover said. “My Diary,” in sparkly letters. As she opened it, Kate said, “This is a Diary, were you can write your thoughts and stuff, I just thought it could keep you busy during those two months before you can ride.” “Wow, thank you Kate! I’ll use it, I promise.”

The End    

Dear Diary, Today Kate Downing and her family moved out of town. I was really sad to see her go. I mean, I know we never got along, but we got to be good friends during these two months that I haven’t walked or ridden. I’ll really miss her, but she promised to write, so maybe it won’t be so bad. The two months are almost up!! Hurray! Then I’ll be able to ride Ebony! Imagine that!! Love, Kelsey J