July 2009 Story Contest

My first pony by titanic-horse-lover & Princess Age 10

This is a story about me Emily Fredwick, and my pony Cupcake.We are both very good friends.Now let me tell you about my story. “Trot, nice and easy”, said Samantha’s instructors held the reins firmly in her hands. Her back was straight. On the other side of the room she saw her parents.”Canter,” said her instruct er once more.Samantha squeezed with her legs and then Pudding went into a canter.Samantha looked at Pudding’s feet.Then Pudding’s legs lifted up like a crazy horse.Samantha splatted on the ground.

Her parents came as quick as possibale.mily watched as her sister was carried away. Then Emily ran to see what was going on.She then put her hand on the reins and led Pudding into his stall.

Emily heard foot noises. “You better not touch that crazy horse,” said Emily’s father in a harsh voice.

”Dad,” said Emily.

Without a word Emily’s dad took her in the car.As they were in the car they talked.”You will never ever be able to touch a horse again is that clear Emily?,” said Emily’s dad.

”Dad that is so not fair,” explained Emily.

”Is that clear?,” asked Emily’s dad once more.

”Yes,” said Emily in a unwanted voice.The next day the sad news arrived from the hospital.”Your daughter Samantha Fredwick past away last night it was a terrible injury,” explained the doctor on the phone.Emily over heard and felt very terified.Her mom and dad were crying.

Years had past since that happened.Now Emily was 10 years old. It has been five years since the accident.The Fredwick family moved from a town house to a farm without horses.

”Emily would you mind opening that box,” said Emily’s mom kindly.

“Sure mom no problem,” said Emily.mily took the knife and gently opened the box.Emily looked shocked.Inside the box were pictures.There were pictures only of her bigger sister Samantha and her horse Puding.Her parents sold Pudding because of the accident.

”Mom here are some pictures of Pudding and Samantha,” said Emily sadly.Emily’s mom looked at the pictures she studied them.She then looked at the pictures that Samantha was happy with Pudding and Pudding was happy too.

”Pudding was a terrible horse,” explained her mother.

”She was not, I found out the problem anyways,” said Emily.”The problem was there was a rock in her foot,”continued Emily.

”Emily we are not buying a horse,” yelled Mr.Fredwick.

”But Daddy,” said Emily. Tears ran through Emily’s cheeks.Emily ran out the door without saying a word.

”Emily come back,” yelled her parents.

But Emily ignored them and ran into the forest.As Emily hided in a bush she prayed.”Dear God, you are holy and almighty just help my parents decide to get me a horse,” prayed Emily.Emily then flayed her head back.

”Emily I will try to do my best,” said God.And Emily was very happy to hear God say that.

”She is the cutest pony ever,” Emily heard someone say.Emily looked up and saw a huge barn where Samantha was taking her horse lessons back then.Emily ran to the barn.”Do you have any horses for sale?”,asked Emily.

”We do so,” said the owner of the barn. Mrs Sarrina led Emily into the barn.”This one here is a Shetland pony and cost $2,000; her name is Cookie,” said Mrs Sarrina.Emily was not interested.Mrs Sarrina took Emily to all the other horses and she was still not interested.

”So do you have any more,” asked Emily.

”Ah, yes we have one more,” explained Mrs Sarrina.Mrs Sarrina led Emily to a beautiful pony

.”She is beautiful,” explained Emily.Emily petted her gently.”Well her name is Cup cake and she is $6,000,” said Mrs Sarrina.

”Can I ride her,” asked Emily.

”Sure you can,” replied Mrs Sarrina.The saddle was on already, so Emily can mounted on the horse.

”I will give you an one hour lesson on her,” said Mrs Sarrina.Emily did not say any thing because she was so excited. “Rising trot,” said Mrs Sarrina.Emily had a quick flash back how her sister did it.

”Squeeze one time at the walk then go in the rhythm them one two,” thought Emily.Emily squeezed Cup cake one time.Emily sat tall and did an amazing job.

”Wonderful,” explained Mrs Sarrina.Mrs and Mr Fredwick were watching all along but Emily did not know!Emily’s blue eyes sparkled as her teacher said she was a natural rider.Emily then got off Cup cake.

”She is a wonderful horse,” said Emily. Mrs Sarrina grabbed Emily’s hand.”Come here I have to show you something in my house.The two went to the old fashion old looking house she then looked outside the window. “Here look through this book you would find many pictures,” said Mrs Sarrina.

Emily looked through the book she then found a picture of a girl who looked like Samantha and Pudding.`That is Samantha and Pudding,`` said Mrs Sarrina.

"You ought to be joking,`` said Emily.Before Mrs Sarrina could say anything a tornado came to the farm.

``My goodness Emily you get on Cup cake and go to a safe area now,” yelled Mrs Sarrina .

“But what if you don’t survive what will I do about Cupcake,”? asked Emily.

”You get to keep her,” said Mrs Sarrina. Emily ran outside the old fashioned house and released the horses.Cupcake was already tacked up so Emily mounted her.The other horses followed Cupecake.Just when Emily was going to go to a full gallop she heard someone call her.

”Emily Wait,” yelled a person.Emily turned around and saw her parents on a horse bareback.

”Ok, guys we have to find shelter before the tornado comes near the horses we need to go to a full gallop,” said Emily.All three of them went to a full gallop in the woods.They looked left and right and still did not find shelter.

”We need to move quickly far away from the town,” yelled her father.Then all of them went far away from the country.”We will rest here for the night,” Emily’s Mother said.

”So where is Mrs. Sarrina,” Emily’s father said.

”She said for me to go off without her, and to keep all the horses.”

"Really honey, I saw you ride you were awesome,” said Emily’s Mother.

”So Mom, that means that I can keep Cupecake,” said Emily.

”Well me and your father thought about it and yes we will buy you a horse,” said Emily’s Mom.

”Yeah,” yelled Emily.Emily ran over to Cupcake.”Do you here that Cupcake it is so awesome well.. do you think you want a ride,” said Emily.Emily then jumped into the saddle.”Emily’s short blond short hair turned around with her head and looked at her parents.

”CCCCan I ride Cupcake,” said Emily.Her father’s head nodded and then Emily ran free in the fields.

The End.