July 2009 Story Contest

mustang By crazykitten101 & twilight   age 9

the word mustang is related to the spanish term musteno wich means stray. the spanish conquestidors brought some cross bred horses with them to what is now america. some of these horses escaped and formed the first herd of mustang. there was only a few horses in the herd, but they bred and had foals. the one who felt most important, the leader, would send 2 year old colts away for fear of his throne taken away. from then on the colts formed their own herd and tried to steal mares from the origanal herd. if some colt stole a mare or two he had to keep them safe from other stallions. he would breed with his mares, have foals and have his own herd. finally, there were about twenty herds of horses. sometimes, a leader would fight another leader for his whole harem! if the challenging stallion lost he would take his mares.of course the indians capture the mustangs, but not all of them. the indians rode them into wars. many made it.then the cow boys came and fought the indians. they stole the indians horses. and then the world was civallazed. and up to today, no one has been truly intrested in saving mustangs. thats why you should