July 2009 Story Contest

Mr. Wiggles by jayne & Honey                  age 11

“Come on Belle, you can do it girl.” Jillian smiled at her pony.
Belle was in labor she was having her first foal.
“That’s my Belle.” Jillian patted her pony.
The two little feet and a little nose started to come into view and Jillian gasped. Her pony’s first foal. It was exciting. Jillian lived on a Welsh Pony breeding farm with her mom, dad and six older brothers. She was the youngest and the only girl. Belle was the pony Jillian received when she was little. Jillian was twelve and Belle was fourteen. Jillian’s dad had trained Belle especially for her. Belle was a small almost white pony. She was beautiful.
“That’s my girl Belle. Your doing great. Soon you will have a new baby.” Jillian informed the pony.
Belle was making high pitched whinny sounds until the newborn baby was out. The baby was what looked like a bay or chestnut. His sire Prince William was a stunning bay. He was the only stallion on the breeding farm at the moment. Most of the horses on the farm were sons and daughters of Prince William.
“Hi baby.” Jillian cooed. “You’re a pretty baby aren’t you?”
“Hi Jillian, I grabbed you some juice. How far in is Belle?” Her mom asked.
“Mommy, look!” Jillian pointed at the foal.
Her mom gasped. “Oh Jillian! He’s beautiful.”
Jillian nodded in agreement. She was thinking about what to name the foal. She was trying to think about what sounded good with Belle. Lightning? No, that was the name of Pam’s horse. Delilah? No that was to girly. Well Jillian, was thinking the tiny foal stood up and shook his little mane and tail. He then started trying to walk on his legs and all he did was wiggle. That was perfect! Mr. Wiggles! Mr. Wiggles was going to be the name of her new colt.
“Hi Mr. Wiggles.” Jillian cooed.
“Jillian! That’s perfect!” her mom smiled.  
Jillian smiled proudly. “Thanks mom.”
The next day, when Jillian put Belle and Mr. Wiggles in the nursing paddock, she could really see what color Mr. Wiggles was. Belle was almost pure white and Mr. Wiggles was as black as a midnight sky. It was like night and day with those to.
“My horses.” Jillian smiled.
When Mr. Wiggles turned four months old, Jillian and her father decided it was time to separate him from Belle. It was hard on both the horses. Mr. Wiggles was moved to the other side of the farm and Belle was moved in with the other breeding mares. The only thing you could hear on the farm that week were terrified whinnies and high pitched sounds. It was terrible.  
“I’m sorry Belle.” Jillian told her pony after a little while. “But it’s for the best, you’re going to want another foal and we don’t want you to have to be Mr. Wiggles’ mommy forever.”
That day Jillian took Belle for a ride in the forest, past the meadow and into a river. Her and Belle swam together and splashed each other. They did that everyday until eventually Belle forgot about Mr. Wiggles. The day finally came when they could put Belle and Mr. Wiggles together again. Mr. Wiggles was very excited but Belle didn’t look like she cared, one little bit. Which she didn’t because she had forgotten all about Mr. Wiggles. Mr. Wiggles tried to get her attention but he couldn’t get it. He tried rearing, bucking, running around like a maniac but nothing worked. Belle just wanted to graze. Eventually, Mr. Wiggles gave up and dropped his head to graze.
“Dad, why does Belle act like she doesn’t recognize Mr. Wiggles anymore?” Jillian asked that night.
“Well Jillian, it’s sort of like how Bobby doesn’t act like he knows you.” Her dad told her.
Bobby was Jillian’s oldest brother he was 21.
“I don’t get it.” Jillian sighed. “Could you explain please?”
“Of course Sweetheart.” Her dad smiled. “Well Bobby, only acts like he doesn’t interact with you because he thinks you’re immature and too young. That’s sort of how Belle’s feeling. Belle knew when Mr. Wiggles was running around bucking and rearing. Just she didn’t let him know that she saw him or if she cared. Belle loves Mr. Wiggles and will never forget him, he was her first colt. So Belle thinks that Mr. Wiggles, should act more mature and more his age. Mr. Wiggles is a year old now. He shouldn’t be acting like that anymore. Do you understand now Honey?”
“Yes I think I do.” Jillian said. “Does Bobby love me?”
“Of course Bobby loves you!” Her dad said surprised. “What made you say that?”
“He hasn’t talked to me since I was seven, now I’m thirteen! That’s six years.” Jillian giggled.
“Well sweetie pie, we will work on that. Do you mind giving Blondie some extra hay? She’s due to foal sometime this week. I’m hoping it’s a colt. I need a few more stallions. Oh! Jillian are you going to want to breed Mr. Wiggles?” Her father asked.
“I can give Blondie more hay that would be easy. And you can use Mr. Wiggles for breeding after all you gave me something even more precious. You gave me Belle.” Jillian told him.
“Well thanks, hon. I appreciate that. Prince William is almost ten and then I’m going to make him a gelding and use him as a riding horse. That means I will have Mr. Wiggles and Freddy to work with. You’re a good girl Jillian.”
“Thanks dad. Well I’m off to feed Blondie.” Jillian smiled.
She walked towards the stable when she got there, Blondie a palomino mare was standing licking a new foal.
“I thought dad said she wouldn’t foal till at least Wednesday!” Jillian gasped.
She ran over to the intercom to tell him. Then she went to name the foal as her dad said she could. The foal was filly. Jillian named her Miracle, because she was a Miracle baby. As no one was watching Blondie when she foaled. Then the same thing that happened with Mr. Wiggles happened with Miracle, it was life on the breeding farm and it could never be changed.