July 2009 Story Contest

Make A Wish, Take a Chance by Celect04 & Speckles age 16

There was not always tame horses. We did not always live with humans. There in fact, was a time, where wild horses lived free.  That Time Is Now.

   We ran across the plain. Our trusted leader guiding our every hoof-step. The wind rushed through our manes. Our hearts beat as one. Wild, Free, it’s so great. The leader climbed upon his hill, and we sprawled to munch grass, and chat, in our little horse ways. Some ways you humans wouldn't understand. Our foals play nearby. We have to watch them carefully, so they do not run off. "Ahh, spring is just wonderful, huh? " One mare would say. " Yes, Yes indeed." another would respond. Life was so simple, before the time you humans came and destroyed our peaceful lives. My name is Nakiya. ( Pronounced Na Ki a ) I am a Palomino American Mustang.  I will run right up to the excitement. Humans. I remember my first encounter. I went something like this...
I was picking the best grass in the entire field! Really, it was that good. as I chewed, I was thinking the sweetest thoughts. Mating season was soon, and I thought I would settle down with some-horse special. Thinking of little foals running around. In fact I could hear the hooves. but I found when I rose my head, the hooves didn't go away. Nobody in the herd was moving ... The leader noticed too. Suddenly, he turned to us and shrilled into the air. " Run! Go! Across The River! NOW!!!! We Jotted to the west, headed for the river. I heard whistling ... human speak I didn't understand at the time. Now, I know it was, " Come On! Lets get them horses! Go! Go! " I couldn't look back at them, so I can't tell you what they looked like. I made a wish that day. A wish, that everyone would be ok, and this wouldn't happen again.
My Wish only partly came true.
Nobody was caught that day but humans kept coming. Then one day, it happened...
Me and my new mate were galloping around, side by side, happy as can be. Then, we heard the whistling. The leader shrilled again, and we all set off. I always kept watch of my mate.
Then all of a sudden, this weird, tan rope landed around his neck, and he was pulled to a halt. I spun around and took the chance. I galloped back. I jumped at them. They were on top of horses. I jumped over those horses, and I knocked their ugly little faces right off those horses! ( No offense to you guys.  ) I ripped the rope. I tore it off him. We ran back after the herd, after a couple bucks, to scare their horses. and the people, away for good.
We got away. But they kept coming.
Our herd got picked at. We lost members. Foals were born, including my own. But only the fit weren't caught. Luckily, my little colt kept up with us. He is grown up now, and with another herd.
                We don't know why you humans come. We often wonder what we have ever done wrong. We keep running, but you keep coming. Why can't you stop? We are called WILD Horses for a reason.

Lets Keep It That Way. Keep Wild Horses Wild. We Never Bothered You.