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MABABS and Three Unicorns Title art

The MABABS and the Three Unicorns By Moona & Angel age 10, Breanna & Annie age 10, and Britnie& Shadow age 11
Also known as the MABABS.

The  Main Characters       

Moona: The one who thought of making a club called The MABABS, she is smart, brave and adventurous
Angel: Moona's pony, she is a palomino mare
Breanna: The second member of the MABABS club, she is smart and can get scared easily, but other times is very brave
Annie: Breanna's pony,she is black mare
Britnie: The third member of the MABABS club, she is smart like Breanna, and brave and Adventurous like Moona
Shadow: Britnie's pony, he is a gelding

Moona, Breanna, and Britnie had made a club of themselves, it was called: The MABABS. M was for Moona, A was for her pony Angel, B was for Breanna, A was for her pony Annie, B was for Britnie, and S was for her pony Shadow. They were all good pals and lived in Wiggins, along with the Pony Pals, Pam, Anna, and Lulu. Today, The MABABS were to go riding in the Wiggins Estate on their ponies Angel, Annie, and Shadow. Angel was a Mare, so was Annie. Shadow was a gelding. they were all grooming their ponies when they heard neighs. They looked out the stall doors, but didn't see anything. "Did you'll hear that?" Breanna ask. "Yeah." Said Britnie. "Yes." Said Moona. "I'm going check outside." Said Breanna, running. She looked, nothing, then returned and told her pals she saw nothing, then they all continued brushing their ponies. Within five minutes, they were all saddled up and ready to go. "Come on! Let's go!" Shouted Britnie, already up on her pony. Moona and Breanna were still mounting up. "Okay, I'm ready!" Yelled Moona. "Me too!" said Breanna. They started out on Pony Pal trail towards Wiggins. When they got to Badd Brook, they let their ponies drink. Neighing was heard again. They looked around, even their ponies heard it and were looking. Angel let out a ear-piercing whinny. "Ow!" Said Breanna and Britnie. "Sorry." Moona apologized for her pony while petting her. "I still don't see anything." Britnie said. "Maybe we're just hearing things?" Moona suggested. "Maybe." Breanna said, nudging her pony on. Moona and Britnie nudged their ponies on too. They soon came to the trail to the Estate. As the MABABS road down the trail they heard it again. Then Britnie saw out of the corner of her eye some thing white she looked and a tail whisked out of sight. "Whoa." She said and stopped her pony. Breanna and Moona stopped too. "What is it Britnie?" Called Moona. "Uh, I don't know." She answered unsurely. They all dismounted and then Britnie told them what she saw. They tied there ponies to a branch loosely to let them graze. They walked to the bush and it rattled a bit. Then every single thing in the forest went quiet. They looked through the bush and as they looked a white thing went straight at them! When it went for them, Britnie and Moona jumped back just in time except for Breanna. It hit her, sending her sailing though the air. She landed on her back with a thud. Britnie and Moona stared at each and then ran towards Breanna and helped her up. "Are you okay?" Britnie asked nervously. "I hurts on my back. Then Breanna coughed a hard cough. Britnie and Moona looked up at each other and said in Unison "Her Inhaler!" Moona ran to get it and gave it to Breanna. Breanna used it and stood up. Breanna had Asama so she needed the Inhaler. Breanna then said, "Lets get out of here! I want to get going before I break a neck!" "Same here!" Britnie said. "Same here too!" Moona exclaimed. They then mounted up and road away."Let's go down this trail, maybe we won't be hearing whinnies then," said Breanna. "Brea, that trail looks like it's too foggy and misty. We'd never find our way! But, whatever you say," Moona said, trotting down the path. But then she stopped so suddenly that Shadow ran into Angel! Angel whinnied horribly, than bucked until Moona fell off. Angel galloped away until she was out of sight completely. "Ow, could one of you help me?" asked Moona. "Are you okay?" asked Britnie while having Breanna hold Shadow while dismounted. Britnie reached out her hand and Moona struggled to grasp it. "What do I do without my pony?" Moona cried. "We don't know," Britnie and Breanna said at the same time. Then, a beautiful, white with little gray spots in it's belly area, and gray socks horse appeared out of nowhere. Moona, Britnie and Breanna smiled. "I'll ride him bareback," said Moona. The three girls walked slowly down the path to catch the horse. They were a few feet away when the horse turned and trotted down the trail. "Oh no! We must get him!" Moona shouted. "Here, take Shadow's lead rope!" Britnie dug the blue rope out of her saddle bag, than handed it to Moona. Moona ran off down the trail, and Breanna and Britnie rode down it at a trot. Moona had disappeared out of sight, so Breanna and Britnie nudged their ponies to a canter. All of a sudden, they saw Moona leading the gray speckled horse down the trail, the lead rope around it's neck. "She was terrified of me at first but I walked slowly and talked soothingly, she calmed down and I was able to catch her." Moona said when they were in talking distance. "She's beautiful." Said Britnie. "She's too beautiful to be a regular horse!" Joked Breanna. Moona reached up to the horse's forehead and scratched it. This horse's mane is like silk, thought Moona, she was now running her hand through it's mane. "We need to go after Angel before Annie and Shadow attacks this lost horse!!!" Moona said. The two ponies were curious about this strange horse. "You're right, let's go." Said Breanna. Moona was about to jump on the horse's back when Britnie stopped her. "She may not know what to do when you're on her, she might buck you off like Angel did, only on purpose." She warned. "Good point. I'll lead her." Moona backed away from the horse's back. "We'll lead our horses too, right Britnie?" Breanna dismounted her pony. "Yeah." Britnie dismounted her pony too. "Thanks you two." Moona said. "No problem." Breanna and Britnie said in unison. They walked down the foggy path, it was wide enough they didn't have to walk single filed. They heard some rustling of bushes. "Wwww...www...what is that!?!?" Breanna was scared, she was the one closest to the rustling bush. Then, out popped Angel. "Angel! You crazy pony!!" Moona gave the lead rope to Britnie and ran to get her pony. Immediately, the pony wanted to see who that horse thought it was to lead her owner. "Angel! You little snob! Didn't you miss me!" Moona said jokily to the pony. "Now that we found that pony of yours, let's get out of here!!!" Said Breanna. "What about the horse?" Britnie asked. "I'll pony her, or rather, horse her!" Moona said, mounting her pony. The gray speckled horse must have known what they said, when Moona was up, she started walking to her, pulling Britnie and Shadow with her. "Here! Take her! She must love you or something!" Britnie exclaimed. "Well, I do believe in love at first sight!" Said moona. She hugged the horse's head, Angel was much smaller than the horse, so it was easy to hug the horse's head. Britnie mounted her pony, Shadow, and trotted to catch up with Breanna and Annie, who didn't want to wait for them. Annie had no problem leaving her pony friends behind to leave the spooky trail. Moona let go of the horses head and nudged Angel on, she picked up a fast canter. The horse only had to do a trot to keep up with the frisky pony. They soon caught up with Britnie and Breanna, who were waiting on the main pony pal trail. "Now, should we go back or ride on to continue our ride to the Estate?" Britnie asked. "I want to go back and spend some time with my new horse!" Said Moona. "Um, Moona, this horse may have another owner." Britnie said sadly to her. "well, then we need to go back and make Found Horse posters." Breanna said. "But what about our ride?" Britnie said. "We'll either continue it later or if we don't have enough time left today, do it tomorrow." Said Breanna, walking Annie down the Pony Pal Trail back to the Crandal's barn. "And either way, I don't want to lead Wind Magic the" "You named her?" Britnie cut her off. "Him actually, I just found out that she was a he." Moona said. "Oh, you're right." Britnie said, realizing she was right. "Well, let's go now so....uh....Wind Magic....can get a comfy stall or go graze on some grass." Said Britnie. They cantered their ponies to catch up with Breanna, who was already crossing Badd Brook. "It wouldn't hurt to wait!" said Moona. "Well, I want to get back so we can start working on those posters. I don't know about you but I don't like to stay up late drawing or anything." Breanna said. "Brea, it's probably only ten o' clock in the morning!" Moona said. "Oh, yeah, you're probably right!" Said Breanna, not knowing why she was thinking it was late. They continued and were half way back when they heard more neighing. "Oh no! Not again! I'm outta here!" Said Breanna, nudging her pony to a wild gallop. "Me too!" Said Moona, galloping off with Wind Magic tagging along. Britnie was curious about the neighing, and held Shadow back. Shadow fought the bit, he wanted to race the two mares and stallion. Britnie dismounted to hold on to him better. She listened carefully, and heard the neigh again. She tied shadow to a sturdy tree, loose enough so he could eat the tall grass nearby. He immediately forgot about the ponies and horse running off without him and began eating the grass. Britnie listened again, and heard the neigh. She walked off in that direction, into the thick Christmas Trees and bushes. After a few minutes of bush whacking, she came into a extra large clearing. She heard the neigh again, and it was coming from across the meadow-like clearing. She walked in that direction while admiring the place. From what she could tell, it was a circle around a few big bushes and trees. half way to the bushes in the middle, she saw a black hoof step out of them. She new that it must be from the animal neighing. I wish I would have brought my lead....oh wait, Moona has my rope, Britnie thought. She ran quietly to the bushes. The animal inside the bushes still heard her, and poked his head out when she was a few feet away from the debris. She stopped dead in her tracks, then started talking to it. "Hi there. Wow! You're gorgeous!" She said. The horse bolted into the circle of bushes, not wanting to be caught. Britnie tried to figured out a way to catch the horse when she saw a vine hanging from a tree. She picked of a sharp rock and cut the vine. Now that she had a rope, she walked farther into the circle of debris. After twenty seconds, she stopped and looked around. She saw a HUGE tree and thought of how small it made the other trees look when out popped a black head. "It's alright I won't hurt you. You can trust me, I just want to help you." Britnie said, walking slowly to the horse. It started to fidget and Britnie could tell it was about to run off again. She stopped, and started to sing her favorite song. "One, two, three like a bird I sing, because you given me the most beautiful set of wings, and I'm so glad you're here today, because tomorrow I might have to go and fly away! Fly awaaa-ay! Fly away! And tomorrow I might have to go and fly away!" Britnie sang the song the way she always did, bright, happy, and soft. She didn't really know why that was her favorite song, she didn't even know what it meant. She felt good so continued singing. The black horse must have liked it too and listened contently. Britnie slowly started to walk to the horse, singing at the same time. The horse didn't move and kept listening. Before Britnie knew it, she was right beside it. She lifted her hand slowly, still singing, and layed it down softly on the horse's back. It didn't move, but watched her. She ran her hand up it's neck, still it didn't move. She moved her hand to the horse's ears and started to scratch behind them. The horse leaned into the scratch, seeming to enjoy it. Britnie wanted to know if it was a stallion or a mare and looked to see, and saw it was a stallion. She realized that the horse was basically her dream horse! A Black Stallion. She then realized she had to go, and lifted the rope-vine to the horses neck. He didn't do anything and let Britnie tie it around his neck. She then started to walk and the horse followed her without her even tugging on the rope. They bush-whacked all the way back to Shadow. When Shadow saw them, he neighed to the black horse, and the horse neighed back. Britnie introduced Shadow to the horse before mounting up and heading down the trail to the Crandals Barn. As they walked, Britnie thought of what to name the horse. She might as well since Moona already named hers. That's something, Moona and I found a horse on the same day! She thought. She went back to the main subject about naming her horse. "Black.......Black Ebony. That's your full name Ebony." She said. When Britnie finally got to the Crandal's barn, she walked into the barn. "There you are!" Breanna exclaimed. "We all were so worried!" Moona added. "Wait you ALL?" Britnie asked. "Yeah! Us three too!" Exclaimed Anna, coming into the barn way. Behind her came Pam and Lulu too. "We just got back and boy oh boy you scared Breanna out of her wits!" Exclaimed Lulu while widening her eyes a little. "Another one! I can't believe you found another horse!" Breanna said unhappily, she wasn't happy Moona found a horse, yet alone Britnie on the same day. "This guy was the reason for all those neighs we've been hearing." Britnie said, while putting Black Ebony in the stall next to Wind Magic. "Oh NO!" Breanna yelled. "What?" Asked every one in unison. "I have to meet Mrs.Wiggins now. I started a job with her. I am supposed to be taking care of Beauty." Breanna said again unhappily. "What's wrong with beauty?" Asked Anna. "Oh nothing I just gotta clean out her stall and feed her a special food. Dr.Crandal said to give her." Breanna said while walking to Annie. They all chatted about the two Horses Moona and Britnie found as Breanna tacked up. "Well best be off!" Breanna said while mounting up. "WAIT!" Called Anna while handing Breanna her inhaler bag. "Woops! Thanks Anna." She said while smiling. "Bye guys! I will be back in a couple minutes if it doesn't take too long!" Breanna called as she trotted off on Annie. Everyone waved and went in the barn to wait for Breanna. The two trotted on there favorite trail that only they knew of. Breanna then heard something following and neighing at her. She looked behind her, nothing there. "AH!" She yelled. Breanna then went to a canter on her pony. "WHOA." She called as they stopped. Breanna tied her pony to a tree loosely so she could graze. She then walked along the trail, she pulled out a SOS whistle, compass, mini flashlight combo. to turn on the flashlight, she had to flick a switch that was behind the compass part. Then she stopped. There she saw a dark white horse with a silvery mane in the bushes. Breanna pulled out an apple she picked for Beauty. She held out the apple to the horse. The horse Limped over. Breanna noticed the horse's back leg had a deep cut. "Oh" Breanna sighed. After the horse ate the apple, it lied down roughly. "Oh no!" Breanna called out. Breanna went to her knees a talked soothingly to her. "Easy girl easy." Breanna said. She noticed it was a female. The horse was in deep pain and this was very bad. Breanna touched the horse. The horse had a fever. "Oh no! I might as well call you some thing for now. Um Cloud Jumper, Jumper is your last name. I have to get help!" Breanna said while picking up her whistle. She blew one short blast a long blast and another short blast. Back at the barn the girls were admiring the two new horses, that Mrs.Crandal didn't know about yet. Then Anna said, "Wait! I hear the SOS whistle that Breanna has! Good thing we tacked up our ponies to go help her out with beauty!" Anna said as every one slammed on there helmets and mounted up. They went into a gallop towards the whistle. They stopped at were Annie was. They all tied there ponies with Annie. "LULU! You know how to track! Find Breanna! She might be having an attack!" Britnie yelled. Lulu then saw a trail of broken twigs and foot prints. "That way!" Lulu pointed the way. That was enough for Britnie and Moona. They raced along and found Breanna beside a dark white horse with a silvery mane on the ground. Breanna looked up and said, "Quick! Get Pam over here and send someone to get Dr.Crandal! She can't stand!". Moona ran back and told pam to go quickly to Breanna and help while Anna went get Dr.Crandal. "Oh, she's got a bad cut I see." Pam said. She got out a Emergency kit for horses and Ponies. She pulled out a Gauze and a bandage along with a Halter and Lead rope. "Here! Put this on his leg and keep presser while I put on this bandage!" Pam said. Britnie did so. "Oh and it's a she. Call her Cloud Jumper." Breanna said calmly. Pam put on the halter and lead rope. "Here, you lead her. She likes you!" Pam said while handing Breanna the lead rope. They lead Cloud Jumper down the trail. Annie walked by Cloud Jumper and she wasn't even being lead. She liked the horse and stayed beside her. They came to the barn and Dr.Crandal stitched her up and gave her a shot for the pain, they then put Cloud Jumper in a stall next to Annie, since Annie liked her. "Okay, now that she's all taken care, I want to groom my new horse!!" Breanna beamed. She was happy she had a horse too and not just Moona and Britnie. "Yeah, me too!" Britnie said. "Me three!" Moona said. The three girls went to their Pony's stall to fetch their grooming supplies, then went to their horse's stall to groom them. First, they curried them, which was to go around in circles to loosen the dirt. Second, was to take a body brush and sweep away the dirt. The third part, the girls stopped and talked to each other about it. "Hmm....guys, I don't know about this third part of grooming, picking out the hooves." Said Breanna. "Yeah, I don't know if I should either." Britnie said. "Well, we'll never find out what is going to happen unless we try." Said Moona. "True, so I'll try." Britnie said while turning to go back to the stall. Moona did too. Breanna hesitated, but then went to her horse. Britnie easily slid her hands down Ebony's left leg. When she got to the hoof, she pulled it up, but Ebony didn't budge, and looked at her as if to be saying "What are you doing?". Britnie went the horse's head and told him what she was doing in a calm voice. "All I want to do is pick up your hoof and pick out the rocks and packed dirt." She said, hugging his head close to her. She went back to Ebony's hoof and did the same thing. When she pulled up, Ebony's hoof lifted. Britnie was so surprised, she let it back down and went back to his head. "Good boy!!! Here's a carrot!" Britnie dug a carrot out of her pocket and put it in front of Ebony's muzzle. He blew air in her hand, investigating the carrot. "You never had a carrot boy?" Britnie said. Ebony decided to trust her and ate the carrot. He seemed to say it was good since he raised his head up and curled his upper lip. "Heh heh! You like it?" Britnie asked, then went back to picking his hooves. Ebony let her pick up all of his hooves up and pick them out. Meanwhile, Breanna was having a little trouble. Cloud Jumper wasn't sure what to do. Breanna walked to her head to talk to her about her hooves. "Now you're a girl, even if you are a horse, you should have pretty hooves. I need to clean your hooves so they aren't dirty." She said. She went back to Cloud's hooves and picked up the first one with no problem. "Good girl! It's like you understood what I said!" Breanna gave Cloud a pat on the shoulder and continued to pick her hoof. She did all the rest with no problem. moona was able to pick Wind magic's hooves with no problem at all. The horse must have trusted her. "You're so good!" Moona said when she was done picking Wind's hooves out. The girls had all finished at the same time so they didn't have to wait on each other. "Wind Magic was perfect! He didn't pull back or anything!" Moona exclaimed to her pals. "Black Ebony didn't lift his hoof at first. I went talk to him about what I was doing and when I tried again, he lifted his hoof up! he didn't pull back! Same with all the other hooves!" Britnie happily said. "I talked to Cloud Jumper about her having to have pretty hooves since she was a girl. When I first tried, she wouldn't lift her hoof, after the talk, she did like Ebony! She lifted all hooves without a problem!" Breanna was happy too. "You know, that's kinda strange, it's like they knew what you'll said and obeyed you'll" Moona said. "Yeah it is. Oh well, anyway, it's late, I want to go to bed now." Britnie yawned. "Yeah, me too. Also, Cloud needs a her hooves trimmed. I'll ask Mrs.Crandal when the next farrier appointment is." Said Breanna. "Yeah, Wind Magic needs his hooves trimmed too." Said Moona. "Black Ebony needs his hooves trimmed also." Said Britnie. "Well, goodnight guys. I'm tired." Said Brea, walking to her house. "Yeah, goodnight." Said Britnie leaving to go home too. "Goodnight. Meet here again tomorrow?" Asked Moona. "Yeah." Said Breanna. "Yeah, let's do that." Said Britnie. They all went home after they made sure both their pony and horse's stall was securely locked. The Pony Pals had left to go home before they even started grooming their horses.

Just like you don't know, there's a secret to these three horses that The MABABS don't know of, but sooner or later, the secret will be told to them, by who? You'll find out in the next story.............maybe.