July 2009 Story Contest

Lost by Kigerlover & Sea Breaze age10   

Once I was taking a hike with my mother. We owned a small stable hoping one day we will own a horse.  Then I saw some thing, partly covered by leaves. I removed the leaves. It was a hoof print of a horse! I told my mom. We followed them because we would settle for even a wild horse. We were far from home now, and it was getting dark. Luckily my mom packed a tent with a lantern. We stayed in the tent. My stomach was roaring like a lion because we didn't bring any food.Then we fell asleep. I woke up from the sound of the bird chirping. The air was thick with dew. My mom hopped into they tent. She dragged me out of the tent. And then, I saw it. It was the most beautiful with mare. here coat shown with the help of the mourning sun. They mare had a worn halter. My mother approached with caution. She ran off. We followed her. This time I approached her. She would stand still. I realised, she wasn't a wild horse, she was the lost filly from Mr. Walkers barn. She wasn't afraid of me because I always spent all day by her. We took her home. We told Mr. Walker that we found his filly. Although she wasn't a filly anymore, She was a full grown 3 year old mare. He said I could keep her, he was to old to take care of horses. So I rode her. The hardest thing though was to make her trust mom.