July 2009 Story Contest

July 4th blackminaturepoodle & black lighting    age 12

she yawn and opened her eyes,everything was fuzzy for a second. then she realised it was 4th of July! she couldn't wait that day they were going to her grandmother's farm.
sally loved going to her grandmothers farm.her favorite thing was to go up to the farm a ride the horses. her favorite was Shamus. Shamus was a coal black Arabian 4 year old Stallion.
sally couldn't wait get get up there thought she wouldn't be riding this time.last time when she and Shamus was doing the 5ft cross-country course. she fell  off and broke her leg.
her mother wouldn't let her ride him anymore. she went all though the day getting ready to go up to her grandmother's farm. finally they were in the car diving up to the farm. we were there!
 i jumped out of the car and ran to the barn.Shamus was there waiting for me. he had a big bow tied to his neck. was grandmother giving him away?! there was a little piece a paper atached
 to his halter. it read:

dear sally,
i know you have alwayed loved Shamus. i thought it was apopit to give him to you.
after your fall i had some one ciome and try to ride him. he wouldn't let ANYONE ride him accpet you.
he is really your horse. now he is your horse in spirt and soul. you will go far together.
i love you,

sally could hear footsteps behind her. she turned aroud and threw her arm aroud her grandmother. it was the best 4th of July EVER!