July 2009 Story Contest

Indianpaint and the Horse Show by Ponyluv8 &Clipper age 8

Chloe was brushing Indianpaint.  It was a nice day for trail riding.  Chloe saddled up her pony.  While Chloe was riding she saw a sign on a tree.  It said:  "Horse Show at Olson's Horse Farm! Come for the Fun!"  

"Let's enter Indian!," Chloe said.  Indian answered with a happy whinny.  They went to Wiggins town to sign up.  When Chloe and Indianpaint got back to the barn they practiced Western and Jumping for the show.  

"Good work," said Mrs. Crandral. She had been watching from JB's stall.  "Thanks!," said Chloe.  Chloe put Indianpaint in his stall and gave him hay and water.  Chloe stayed for a barn sleepover with Anna, Lulu, and Pam.  They talked about the horse show until all of them fell asleep.  

Chloe was the first Pony Pal to wake up.  It was 8:30 in the morning.  She brushed and saddled her pony.  Pam, Anna, and Lulu brushed and saddled their ponies also.  The all practiced one time for the show.  The Pony Pals rode to Olson's.  Everybody was getting rested and ready.  

Then it was time for Jumping.  Indianpaint and Chloe got third place. "Well, we still got third place," said Chloe.  The team rested for two events.  Then it was time for Western.  Indian went as fast as she could.  They won 1st place!  Chloe hugged her very good and special pony.