July 2009 Story Contest

How I got My Horse, A true story by Camowet & Sunnie  age 10

''You're moving?'',I whispered. My whole riding lessons...gone!? No more lesson horses? No more cleaning saddles or brushing horses? But worst of all..NO MORE JUMPING?!?

One little girl next to me started to sob. That's what I wanted to do to,Sob.
''I'm sorry girls...This is hard for me too..But this job is a great opportunity...I'm sorry.'' Lauren said. Even though no one else saw it,She was crying.

I was riding Handsom,A fleabitten grey gelding,when Lauren saw my sad face. She walked up to me and started off, ''I know a good riding instructor...'' My hopes rose. ''...But you have to have a horse and she'll come to your house..''
Suddenly..the whole world shook..My life was changed in an instant when she said, ''Would your parents let you have a horse? I would sell you Dixie for $500.000.''
I nearly fell of handsom,and he was the kind of horse that you don't really fall off of. Blood rushed through my head as I thought,what if?? what if what if?
out loud I said, ''I...I don't know..I really don't...'' Suddenly Lauren walked off,talking to someone else.
Suddenly it hit me.

I had money saved up!! From years of allowance and Grandma's cards,I had $423.00 dollars in the bank!!! I saw Lauren setting up jumps,Rode over to her and said, ''Lauren!! I have $423.00 save up in the bank! My parents could take the rest out of my allowance!!!''
Her face lit up. ''Ok,all we need to do is ask your mother...'' Suddenly my mother pulled up. I punched the air and secretly praised God for that perfect timing! As lauren went to talk to my mom, I rode around like a dope saying, ''I might be buying Dixie!!!!''' All the girls looked up at me,grinning. They knew that feeling.

 I went to my mom,watching her on the phone with my dad. I could hear their words. Mom said,'' Could Sarah buy Dixie? she's got enough saved up in the bank and we can easily make a eletric fence.'' I wasn't able to read my mom's expression. Suddenly she said ''Uhuh,Ok.Bye.''
She looked up at me with a blank face and said, ''He said yes,hon.''
My face turned pale as I said (but not yelled) to the other girls, ''IM BUYING DIXIE!!!!!!!''' Lauren then said, ''She still has a foal with her,but their weaning. But I think she's pregnant!''

My whole life then changed. I got my dream horse, she had her baby who is all mine now. She is in much better condition then when we got her,and it all ended happily ever after......THE END.
Is the story really finished? No,Because I'm living it...Thanks for reading.

The End