July 2009 Story Contest

The Horse Of Sayan Island  by Celect04 & Speckles age 16

    I ran up to my room, not looking back at my parents, in the living room, sitting together. " Sasha! " My dad called after me. I didn't want to talk anymore. Once I was in my room, I leaped upon my horse-covered bed. I had a Horse Bed Set, which was the closest thing, besides my Breyer Horse Models, that I had to a real horse. We currently lived in New York City, obviously no place to keep a horse. But I had taken lessons, and had been ridding at Central Park as much as I could. Me and my parents had been talking about moving. At first, we saw a bueatifull ranch in Kentucky that we were going to get. I was so excited!

But they told me that last month.

Now, here I am, sprawled upon my bed, tears coming to my eyes. My parents have just informed me that they had bought some stupid cottage on Sayan Island. The middle of NOWHERE! Ships would bring us food, and all that. Great. Fun. Not. I knew there was no way I could get a horse now. Unless the ship takes me to horse ridding lessons, I won't see another live horse again! " Sasha, Honey , " Oh boy, now my dad comes to rub it all in. I felt the bed shift. He was sitting on my bed. I wanted to kick him off, making me go tothe horse-less island. " Come on Sasha, it will be fun! " He lies to me. I mutter, " the word ' fun ' can't be used when we are talking about that darn place. " He patted my back. " Sash, Why are you hating this place so much?  " I look at him with red eyes, from crying. " Because thanks to that stupid island, i'm never getting a horse. " I say. " Don't say that... We never said we won't get you a horse," before I could speak again, he continued. " The island cottage has tons of fenced land on it. Barn and all. You stormed up here before we could tell you that ..."
I stoped crying and sat up.
" Really?
" Really. "
" But how are we going to get the horse? "
There was a pause. I knew it. " Your not getting me a horse, your lying to me again. " I blamed him. I slammed my head into my pillow. " We are! We are getting you a horse! Just not how you think ... "
I mumbled. " What do you mean? "  He sighed and spoke, " Sasha, I wanted it tp be a surprise, but we have heard of a chestnut there. He is fiery red, and is known for coming across the property. He won't be easy to catch ... Our new neighbors have 6 Horses, and we are going to borrow 2 of the fastest. It still won't be easy ... We have to out-smart him ..."
                                  3 WEEKS LATER
We are moved in, on the horses, and ready to go. I was shivering. What of something went wrong somehow? What if we got hurt, or worse, the horse gets hurt? Aside my worries, I had been thinking of names for a firery Chestnut Stallion. I had come up with Bueatifull Caballo Rojo, Spanish for Bueatifull Red Horse. That would be his show name, when we would travel back to the United States. Here, on the Island, i decided to call him Buddy. It was about 6:00 in the morning, about the time the neighbors told us about his arrival.
Then It Came.
We saw the Chestnut in the distance. " wait... wait ... " My dad cautioned me. The we could see the whites of his eyes. " Now! " We kicked the horses in front of him, the chestnut slid to a stop, and reared. Dad spun the lasso around his neck! One Try! Yes! I had finally caught the Horse of Sayan Island! When he came down. he tried to buck, jump, leap, and run. But we kept hold of the rope untill he calmed down. I had my own horse!! I jumped off and approached him slowly. I reached out my hand. He sniffed it carefully ...
And walked right to me! He had chosen me! I was so happy! I hugged him, as he wrapped his head around my shoulder. " We are meant for eachother." I whispered to him. I took the rope, and brought him home.
                                ONE YEAR LATER

" Buddy! Lets go for a ride! " I called for him, next to the gate. He galloped right over. I clipped the lead to his halter and handed him a carrot. "Thats my good boy!" I brung him to the wash rack and tacked him up. His training had gone so well. I had trained him to english. He was the best jumper ever! I led him out of the rack, and we continued our happy lives.
The End