July 2009 Story Contest

Horse Adventures at Canter Wood Riding Stables by Raven305 & Raven age 12

"Come on Beware! The Jumping Competition is next week! I need to have you jumping higher and faster! I know girl I am working you to hard. I need to beat Roxy and her horse Gwen and when I lead you down the way towoards the arnea, I want all the horses pin there
ears at us!"

Then all of a sudden I stopped Beware in front of my rival next week, Roxy on her horse Gwen.

"Oh, how unexpected it is to see you Rae and...uh...."

"Its Raven and Beware to you Rocky Mountain!"

"How dare you call me that! Fine! We will settle this next week at the Jumping Show"

"Fine!" I yelled at her. I waited for her to leave, then I started to work a little hard on the jumps. Then I took Beware out on the trails to the beach. I tried to gallop as fast as my horse could back home and untacked, fed, and left for home.
*The next day*

"Hey Rae!" said Raven's best friend at Canter Wood, Jake.

"Oh, hey Jake. Want to help me train after the riding lesson?"

"Sure Rae! Want me to go get Stevie to help?"

"Sure, I will need all the help I could get!" and we both laughed.

*The day of the competition!*

Jake and Stevie were there to support me that day. I was really glad they came. I saw that Roxy was already there when I got to the warm up ring, so I started at the small jumps so she didn't think I had a good jumping horse.

Beware was tensed because we were the first ones to go. We scored zero faluts! Then the next few people went they had many faluts! They had beautiful horses, they had the smarts but they didn't handle there horses right.

Next came, you guessed it, Roxy and her horse Gwen but Gwen refused the last jump! Just then Gwen bucked Roxy off every one gasped. I rode to her tried to see if she needed help she said her arm hurt so bad I pulled her on my horse and tied her horse to my saddle horn and we rode to the medical tent. The nurse said she spraned her ankle and broke her arm. That night I drove her home instead of riding with Jake and Stevie. She thanked me got her horse and left.

I have never forgot that day and I never seen Roxy be mean to any one again.

*The End*