July 2009 Story Contest

Hope Is All It Takes By Cheesasaurus & Izzy age 15

The black and white pinto mare charged around the round pen, sending small dirt chunks from the ground flying around through the air, with her teeth were bared, her ears were laying flat against her skull and the whites of her eyes were showing, her attention was fixed on the human that dared to enter the pen. Jazz shrieked and charged at the girl, full speed down the center of the round pen. Megan quickly dove under the part of the fence which was a bit off the ground, just making it out before the mare got close. Though Megan had hope for that mare, she knew that if she trusted her the mare would calm down a bit, atleast around her anyway. The mare paced down the fence line with her head high, staring at Megan, trying to get at her. After a few mniutes of continuous pacing around the fence line, the mare grew frustrated, and like a medieval war horse the mare reared up with her strong legs kicking out at the air. An ear piercing whinny exploded from the mare, which was enough to send Megan's grandmother, Adelle, and the few farmhands running.

"MEGAN!", Adelle yelled, "What do you think you are doing young lady?! That mare is crazy! She's scared of people and you going in there probably made it even worse than it already was! Besides, you could've been hurt!" Adelle sighed and rubbed forehead. Megan just stared at her grandmother as she flew off the handle, "Really? Well I don't have a scratch on me, thanks." She mumbled to herself a bit and walked away. Megan really didn't mind living with her grandparents too much, though sometimes they do drive her insane, including right now. She was living with her grandparents ever since she was four, when her mom was in a bad car accident which she died from before she made it to the hospital, though Megan doesn't remember her too much, she misses her like crazy.

Adelle watched as Megan ran into the house, she did feel bad for yelling at her though she didn't want anything to happen to her. She thought for a few minutes about going after her, though she knew it'd probably make her even more mad than she already was.

Two days passed since then, Megan didn't go near the barns. All she did was sit inside her bedroom and draw or go play with some of her friends, but since then she didn't go to the barns or near them. Megan ran downstairs and out onto the step, her friend just called and they were going to meet in a field down the road. As she ran down the driveway, she had to pass the round pen, and she just stared at Jazz for a few minutes before running. Adelle shook her head and sighed.

It was getting dark now, Adelle came upstairs and opened Megan's door, "You best be getting to bed now, it's getting late." She looked at Megan from where she was standing by the door, Megan shifted in the chair to face Adelle. "Do I have t-", Adelle cut off Megan, "Yes, you do. Now get to bed. Goodnight, Megan." Adelle closed the door and walked down the hall to her own room. Megan waited until she was gone and grabbed her sneakers out of her closet, slipped them on and opened her bedroom window. She climbed out onto the roof and carefully jumped into the tree beside it, climbing down and running over to where the mare was. Jazz lifted her head up as she heard footsteps, she looked over only to see Megan, and she snorted loudly and began pawing at the dirt. Megan stood a little bit away from the fence, "Shhh, girl. Don't wanna wake up gran now do we?" She said silently, watching the mare. Megan could care less what her grandmother said, she wanted to get near that mare. She bent down and ripped some grass from the ground, slowly and cautiously moving towards the fence. The mare stared at Megan, watching as she moved closer.

Megan put her feet on the bottom rail of the fence and leaned over, dropping the grass in a pile. Jazz stared at her for a minute, then looked at the grass. "Go on, take it. It won't hurt you.." She whispered, watching the mare 'examine' the grass. Jazz eventually gave in and ate the grass.

The next few nights, Megan would be continuing that routine. Until her fifth night out with her, she decided to enter the paddock. The mare watched her from the other end of the paddock, while Megan entered at the other with a brush in her hand. She approached the mare cautiously, and all Jazz did was stand there. Megan reached out the brush for her to smell it, and when all seemed good she moved to the side and pressed the brush to her neck, brushing away all the dirt that was stuck to her coat. Soon enough she was done brushing her, and she reached out her hand to pat her neck. She exited the paddock and locked the gate, then ran inside and went to bed. The night passed and morning quickly came, it was a bright, sunny day. Megan darted downstairs, everyone was outside working, and ran towards the round pen. Adelle watched her, "What is she doing now.." she thought. Megan grabbed the brush that was on the ground and opened the gate. Adelle stared blankly, "MEGAAAAAN!!" She yelled, running over there. Megan smirked and approached the mare, patting her muzzle and continuing to brush her. Adelle stood there, she couldn't believe her eyes. Megan looked at her grandmother and laughed, "All it takes is hope and trust."

The End