July 2009 Story Contest

THE GREAT ADVENTURE by clubpony101 & Pepper age 27
        Hello. My name is Katie and I live in the town of Wiggins. This is a story about my great adventure. It was a beautiful, sunny day when the great adventure began. It all started bright and early in the barn.
       "Good morning Splash, good morning Daisy, and good morning Pepper! How's my little ball of sunshine doin'?" I said as I walked into the barn. Pepper is my beautiful, courageous, pony and I love her to death. " You need a good grooming! It looks like ya' rolled in mud and then the hay stack!" Pepper gave a neigh in return. " Oh so you did? Well your little stunt cost me precious time!" I scolded. "Hey Katie! Need Some help over there?" Scott asked. " I need all the help I can get. I need you to groom and feed Splash and Daisy, I've gotta' go downtown to pick up a few things." Scott is my next door neighbor and a very close friend. He loves horses and helping out."Sure! I can easily get em' groomed and fed, I've got a lot of time on my hands!" Scott answered. " Thanks Scott!" After my brief conversation, I began to groom Pepper.
      " There you are Pepper! Good as new! Now let's get ya' all tacked up!" I picked up the saddle and Pepper gave a high shrill. " Oh come on Pepper, it won't hurt you!" Pepper took a couple of steps back. I searched all over the saddle till' I found a small ant. " Pepper! Your such a big baby! See, I wiped it off!" I finally could get the saddle onto her back. " Katie, you need a new saddle! Maybe even a new tack set!" Scott raved. "Ha ha, very funny. I gotta' go!" I began leading Pepper down the stable isle and tried to trot down the isle. She got so excited. " Stop Pepper! I know you're excited but slow down!" Pepper loves to ride. She always tries to go so fast that I can't keep my balance! I mounted and began a walk down the cross country course. I sped her up to a steady trot but she refused and began a canter. I was okay with this. Suddenly She began a gallop. "Pepper stop! Please stop!" I screamed my voice full of fear. Pepper gave a high shrill and reared. I saw the saddle, then blackness.
    Pepper began nudging my shoulder. " Ow! Stop!" I tried to scream. I felt searing pain in both my right shoulder and my left ankle. I limped over to Pepper and pulled myself onto her back, then again, blackness.
    I woke up in my warm bed with a cast on both my shoulder and ankle. Scott sat at the edge of my bed. " Scott, what happened?" " Your courageous little pony brought you home with a few broken bones. I called the ambulance and they said you'd be fine, but I just wanted to make sure." Scott whispered. " Why are you whispering?" " I don't know." He said. We both broke into laughter. " You want to know what the funny thing is Scott?" " What?" " My pony was the cause of all this but she saved me. I don't understand that." I said " Well the good thing is that your home safe and sound!" Scott raved. " Hows Pepper?" " Being so proud and self absorbed" Scott answered. " I knew she would. I knew she would."