July 2009 Story Contest

A Fawn Called Bambi by Skittles & Hoku age  10

Hi Clubponypals:

This is my story for the contest in July. The ponypals characters have the same names.

Jess: Skittles (me) Betsie (hope) Rachel (Keely).


 "Hi Jess," said 10-year-old Lulu Sanders. "You're handling Hoku really great."

 Jess grinned. "Thanks. Is Betsie here yet?"

 Lulu shook her head. "Nope," she answered. "Not yet."

 Betsie, one of Jess's best friends, was scheduled for a trail ride along with Rachel.

 "Hey guys,"

 Lulu turned around.
 "Sorry we're late."

 Lulu, Pam, Anna, and Jess looked to the right, and saw Betsie and Rachel and their ponys.

 "What are we waiting for?" said Jess. "Let's go!"

 With that, she and Hoku sprang into a lively trot, with the PonyPals and Rachel right behind them.

 Once they got to the heart of the woods, near Badd Brook, the six girls dismounted, and unpacked the lunches for themselves while the ponies grazed.

 "Mmm.." said Lulu. "Anna, did you pack brownies?"

 Anna smiled. "Yup. 12 of them. 2 each."

 All the girls cheered, then Jess said, "Good job Anna!"

 Then they started eating their sandwiches.

 Lulu thought to herself, 'What good friends I have. It seems like we've know each other forever!'

 Suddenly, a crunching branch caught the girls attention.

 "Huh?" said Rachel. "What was that?"

 "I'm not sure," said Pam.

 "I'll investigate." added Lulu.

 The girls agreed, and Lulu started out. She walked towards the bushes. She gasped, and couldn't beleive what she was seeing.

 A newborn fawn, looking at Lulu with big, scared, expressive eyes. He had a long gash in his leg.

 "Pam, Anna, come over here." Lulu said softly.

 Pam and Anna told the others to stay by the brook, then they carefully walked over to where Lulu was crouched down.

 "Oh!!!" Anna said. "The poor thing!" she hesitated ot turn away, because Anna hated looking at blood (and needles too).

 Pam looked serious. "My dad's gotta see this. He may not know much about fawns, but that gash could get infected and he could..."

 Pam and Lulu gently picked up the injured fawn. The fawn bleated and cried, but they still held it gently.

 When they got back to the others, they gently put the fawn on Pam's saddle, and started home.

 Jess looked at Lulu with big eyes. "Do you know what we found in those bushes? A dead doe!"

 The girls gasped, ans Rachel said, "That explains where the mother went."

 Back at home, Dr. Crandal and Mrs. Crandal and the girls were in Dr. Crandal's office.

 "Hmm..." said Pam's father, the vet. " This little guy has been through a lot. This gash on his leg looks like it was made by an animal trap. I'll check that out later." He smiled.

 Just then, Pam's twin brother and sister, Jack and Jill, came in and whispered to each other.

 "We made up a name for the baby fawn!" said Jack proudly.

 "His name is Bambi!" said Jill.

 Everyone oohed and ahhed over Bambi until Mr. Crandal got off the phone and announced that Bambi was going to be sent to the Calgary Zoo.

 There was a silence in the room, but everyone knew it was for the best. Bambi was going home.


I hope you liked it.
Skittles & Hoku