July 2009 Story Contest

Buttercup by Kigerlover & Sea Breaze age 10

Long ago, when I was 10 I owned a blind pony. His name was Buttercup. I adopted him from my best friend's farm. There was only 1 thing wrong, my pony was blind. I didn't care that he was different, we were best friends. One day I found a magical pile of oats. These oats were special. The cured anything that was wrong. I fed them to my best friend, my horse, Buttercup. In one gulp he ate them. The next thing I knew, he wasn't blind anymore. Buttercup and I were best friends, no one could break our bond. We were unstoppable in competitions. Then one day I was walking to the town. I lost my way in the woods when I was taking a short cut. Buttercup noticed I was gone for a long time. He set out in search of me. It was getting dark and I couldn't see. Then i heard a horse winny. It wasn't any winny, it was Buttercups! I mounted him. Together we got safely back to the stables. Buttercup's leg was wounded. I bandaged it and called the vet. With in a month Buttercup's leg was better. I was so glad I grew up with Buttercup.