July 2009 Story Contest

 Britnie, Shadow, Angel, and Artemis's Adventures #3  (Editors note click on these links to read Part One and Part Two)

by Britnie & Shadow age 11  

Introduction to the characters:  Britnie: A brave and adventurous girl

                                                     Shadow: A bay welsh x pony

                                                     Angel: A light brown with white colored Chihuahua

                                                    Artemis: A dark brown(blue)colored Chihuahua/rat terrier mix  

 The horrifying adventure

Britnie was in her bed, dreaming: She and Shadow were walking down a narrow trail. Britnie could hear screaming noises, from what she thought was ghosts. Angel and Art(Artemis)were there too, but then they ran back home in a second it seemed like. "No Angel! Don't leave me here! I won't find my way back home!" She called to her chihuahua. Angel knew how to get back home, it was one of Britnie's tricks she had taught her. She was now afraid, from both the screaming sounds and now Angel and Art were gone. She reached down and patted Shadow. Why were they here? She tried to turn Shadow around, but she couldn't. She couldn't move all of a sudden. Out of nowhere, a meadow appears. Out of a corner, a dark figure comes. Shadow rears, and Britnie falls. The welsh cross pony gallops away, leaving her with the dark figure. She couldn't run, neither scream. The dark figure came closer and closer. Britnie got scared more and more with every step the figure took. It was about to touch her................. Britnie woke up. She was sweating in fright. She looked around, she was in her warm, comfy bed. "Angel! Angel!" Britnie cried. She felt a lump, there was Angel. Britnie grabbed her quickly, hugging her tight as she could without hurting her dog. It was five o' clock in the morning, Britnie decided it wasn't too early and she could have some extra time having adventures.................but the main reason was so she could spend more time with Shadow, her Welsh cross pony! "Art! wake up!" Britnie said, she couldn't wait to see what that day's adventure would be. The little dog tried to find her way out of the covers, but couldn't. "You sure are a dum dum!" Britnie said, picking up the cover and patting her dog. She got out of bed with them and did her morning stuff, which was: let her dogs out, take a bath(She had put Angel and Art on a leash since she was taking a bath),  and brush her hair and teeth. She did all of that as quickly as possible. Within forty minutes, she and her dogs were ready to go so she unhooked their leashes. "Come on Angel! Let's go! You too Art!" Britnie said, running to the Crandal's barn. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When she got there, her dogs went strait to wondering around, smelling for new smells. Britnie walked into the red barn, stopping in the doorway to smell the fresh hay and sweet smell of horses. Shadow, her pony, put his head over his stall door, staring at her. She knew he was waiting for a cookie. She walked up to him and scratched his forehead, then gave him his well-deserved (cute fullness deserved) cookie. Britnie walked into his stall, grabbing his old halter. She remembered the blue halter and blue saddle pad at kline's. It would look very good on Shadow, she thought. "How about we go to kline's and get you a new halter and pad?" She said, looking at her dirty pony. She always wondered how he got so dirty in his stall. She put the halter on her pony and started to curry him, then she took a body brush and sweeped it over him afterwords. She then took the old saddle pad and put it over his back, going behind him to make sure it was even. She took her western saddle and set it on his back, tightening the girth and breast collar. She then walked out of the stall to go look at the message board. "Hey!" She said in delight to see something new. There was a envelope on the board with a note, it read: Dear Britnie, please bring this to the post office in downtown wiggins. PS There's ten dollars pinned to the back of the letter for you!  Britnie started to smile while unpinning the envelope. Ten dollars fell on the ground as the envelope was unpinned. She picked it up and put it in her pocket, walking back to Shadow's stall to put the envelope in her saddle bag. After that, she ran back to get some money for the new tack, which it took her a long time to get enough money after she had bought a new saddle for the competition not long ago. as she ran, she saw Angel sitting in a sunny spot, eyes closed looking towards the sun. Typical Chihuahua, Britnie thought. She saw a flash of grayish-brown flash by in front of her, Art must have saw her running and ran after her. She soon came to her house and grabbed some money out of her wallet-purse thing, then ran back.


She got to the Crandal's Barn panting. She saw the pony pals walking their horses down pony pal trail, but didn't bother to say hello, since they were a ways off now. Art followed her back and was now looking for Scout the kitten, whom always hid in barrels far from the barn. Mrs.Crandal had said that if any of them had seen Scout in any other place besides the barn, to bring him back. Britnie walked into Shadow's stall, untied him, and led him to a mounting block, bringing his bridle with her. Shadow always put his head high so she had to stand on something to get his bridle on. She tied him to the block and lifted the bridle to the pony's head, pushing the bit between his teeth then buckling the throat latch. "Angel! Come on, let's go!" Britnie yelled to her Chihuahua who was still sitting in the sun. Angel just wimpered down and licked her...........uh..........rather not say. Britnie walked over to her and picked her up, walking back and stuck her on top the saddle. She then mounted Shadow, after untieing him, with Angel in front of her. "Art! Let's go!" The little dog was badoozled at where Scout was, but listened to her owner who was now leaving. They headed down Pony Pal Trail and soon came to a clearing. Britnie already knew Scout wouldn't be in the Apple Bounce barrel, for he probably tried hiding in it before but ended up getting a bruised head from the bouncing apples. She continued down the trail to Badd Brook. Once they got there, she dismounted and let Shadow drink and took Angel down, she thought Angel might need a little exercise. After Shadow was done drinking, they headed off down the trail again. Soon they had the choice to go down either to the wiggins estate or continue on to downtown wiggins. "How about we go explore a little?" Britnie said out loud. She turned Shadow onto the Wiggins estate trail. It was beautiful, full of flowers and birds, rabbits and deer. There were all kinds of different flowers. There were pink, there were blue, there were white, and even purple. Art would run off ahead, and when she saw a rabbit, would chase it. Angel ran around with Art, mainly just smelling new smells with her. As they walked or ran on, Britnie saw a narrow trail up ahead. That must be a deer trail, she thought. I'll go down it later, besides, I need to head back to go to the shop in Wiggins.


After buying the stuff she had wanted in Wiggins she stuffed it all except the food she had for Angel and Art. She had forgotten to feed them that morning, so with the extra money she had, she bought them some dog can food. They had ate it down hungrily, Britnie hadn't blamed them. Right now, they were on Pony Pal trail, Shadow was wearing his new tack, which was very bright compared to the brown and green forest. When they cam to the fork in the trail, Britnie headed down the Estate trail, than turned onto the, what Britnie guessed, deer trail. In five minutes,  they were in a clearing. Britnie somehow remembered this clearing, but didn't remember from what. Angel and Art were sniffing around when they must have caught sent of something. They bolted off across the clearing. Britnie nudged Shadow and he bolted off at a gallop. She slowed him down to a canter, then trot, then walk, then finally, stopped. She was panting from all the action, and when she looked up, there was a small hill with a small house on it. Behind it was forest. Britnie looked for Angel and Art, and saw them sniffing at a box. Her eyes widened. That box wasn't the normal box. It had Green stuff oozing out of the corners, and Britnie caught the smell of rotten meat. Something.....or someone........was in that box. Britnie heard a door slam and looked at the top of the hill where the house was at. There was a man looking at her, and she was looking at him. The man ran down the hill and Britnie didn't hesitate. She didn't nudge Shadow, she kicked him, and they galloped off. "Angel! Art! Let's go!" Britnie screamed. She didn't know wether or not the little dogs were coming, but she'd rather let them find their way back on their own than be caught by the person who was chasing them!!!!


Britnie arrived in the Crandal's yard panting. She never had galloped on Shadow for that long. Shadow knew the trails, and always wanted to go home, so that's exactly where he headed. When Britnie looked back, her dogs were hot on her, or rather Shadow's, heels. They were running right out the forest right then. Mrs.Crandal came out the barn, and when she saw Britnie the way she was, ran to her. "Britnie! What's wrong! You don't look good!" She was worried about her. "I.....was.....exploring a deer.......trail.." Britnie stammered. "Britnie, go inside and I'll take care of Shadow. You need to calm down so you can speak clearly to me." Mrs.Crandal said, holding Shadow's reins so Britnie could get down. " I'll take care of him, you don't" "No, I'll take care of him." Mrs.Crandal said, there was no way of changing her mind. Britnie walked to the Crandal's house and went inside. She then went sit down and wait. In ten minutes, Mrs.Crandal came inside and sat down by Britnie. "Before you speak, I know that you probably aren't hurt, it's just that you look like you've seen a ghost. Now, tell me what happened." She said. "Okay, well, I saw a deer trail, at least it looked like a deer trail, and I decided I had decided I would take it and I came to a clearing and at the end, there was a box on top of another box and the first box had green stuff coming....or rather oozing......out." Britnie hesitated. Mrs.Crandal didn't speak, but by her expression, Britnie knew she wasn't to happy with whoever put the stuff there. Britnie continued. "There was a small house, or basically a shed, on top of a hill and I heard a door slam and I looked at the house-shed and there stood a man. He began to run after me and Shadow so we ran off at a dangerous speed. Luckily Shadow knew the way home."  "Britnie, there's a good chance you found a dangerous person. I'll call the police, and when they get here, I want you to lead them where you were. In the meantime, go to your parents and tell them what happened. So, Britnie walked over to Shadow, gave him a hug and a treat since more than likely, she would be a prisoner right now if it wasn't for him, than walked home with Angel and Art to tell her parents.


The police had got to the Crandal's barn and Britnie was walking back, but this time, with her dogs, but she had a them on a leash and Art had a muzzle on because she was a loudmouth to new people. At the Crandal's, was two police cars and four police. There were also a few newspaper writers. When she was at the barn, all the police came to talk to her, the newspaper people were getting ready to take photos of anything interesting. "What is your name little girl?" Asked one officer. "Britnie **** ******." Britnie answered. She was walking to Shadow's stall and the police followed her to gather more information. "Is this your pony? What is her name?" Another asked. "Yes this is my pony. He's a gelding and his name is Shadow." The officer smailed and said "He's pretty." "Thanks, now I'm going to saddle him up and get him ready to take you'll to where I found the place." Britnie replied. She quickly saddled him and bridled him (standing on a bucket to put the on), while Angel and Art explored the stall. The police had went outside the barn to wait on her. When she was ready, she put Angel in one side of the saddlebag and Art in the other side. When she walked outside, the police were all talking, when they saw her, they walked towards her. "Lead the way." One said. Britnie nudged Shadow on and directed him to Pony Pal Trail. The police followed them.


When they got to the place, Britnie showed them the box with green slime.  two of the four police went to the house to ask the owner questions, the other two went investigate the box. "You can now go home, but if you want to find out the results of all this, wait at the barn." An officer said before going with the other to the box. "thank you, I will wait for the results." Britnie said before turning Shadow onto the trail back. She listened to the noise all around her, Shadow's hoofbeats, the twitter of birds, and the shaking of bushes from young frisky squirrels. All of it, she thought, was what made her life good, but Shadow, Angel and Art were what made it great, and what made it awesome, was all the adventures they had. Britnie's thought got her to a timeless stage and before she knew, they were at the barn. When the Pony Pals saw her coming, they ran up to her. "What is this all about!?!?!?!" Yelled pam. "Okay, this is a long story so let me get Shadow untacked and taken care of, then I'll tell you'll." She responded. So she untacked Shadow, groomed him, then she went in the hay loft to tell the Pony Pals everything. By the time she was done explaining everything, the police were back and the owner of that house was with them, only he had hid hands behind his back. He was arrested. "Hey! Let's go find out what's happening!" said Lulu. "Yeah!" Said Anna. So they all went down the latter to outside.


When they got to the police, they told them what they found. "We found something rather unpleasant, a rotted body. It turns out, you little girl, found a dangerous murderer we have been looking for a long time now, a couple years I would say. You are basically a hero!" "No, not me officer, us! My pony, my two chihuahuas and me!" Said Britnie proudly. "Excuse me, could I get a picure of you, your pony, and two chihuahuas?" Asked a newspaper writer. "Sure! Let me go get them!" Said Britnie Cheerfully. She ran to Shadow's stall and put a halter on him. She had left Angel and Art his stall so they wouldn't get stepped on by people or bark. Britnie put Shadow's saddle pad on, then Put Angel and Art on his back. She lead Shadow out of his stall and outside. There, a bunch of photos were taken.


When the Wiggins newspaper came out for the week, of course, the front page had Britnie, Shadow, Angel, and Art's photo on it and read:  

Girl finds Murderer on her pony with two Chihuahuas! A local girl, Britnie **** ****** and her pony, Shadow, plus two chihuahuas, Angel and Artemis, were riding when they decided to  go on a trail they never been down. What they found, was unpleasant. There was a box on top of another box that had green slime oozing out. Britnie said it smelt like rotten meat. She heard a door slam on top of a hill where a house stood and there was this man. He came after her so she galloped off on her pony. She says if it weren't for her pony Shadow, she might have been in a box, too, rotting away. Come to find out, she had found a dangerous person, a murderer, and what was in the box, was a body. Police arrested the man and now he is ordered in Prison for the rest of his life. Good! Said Britnie. So if it weren't for this brave and adventurous girl, many people may have been murdered.

When Britnie saw it, she was as happy as a bear that found a honey hive. She showed the paper to Shadow, but he didn't care, he was eating his breakfast. So the end of this story has come and Britnie, Shadow, Angel and Artemis are waiting for their next adventure, it is soon to come!!!  


 Coming soon............

Britnie, Shadow, Angel, and Artemis's adventures #4

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