July 2009 Story Contest

Best Buddies For Life by Damion  & Damion age 9        

There once was a girl called Sophie.She longed to have a pony of her own.But her Mum and Dad would not let her!So she worked for a girl who owned her own pony grooming and stuff.The girl was very mean and snobby though.One day walking home from school she saw a flash of black.She was shure it was a horse but how could it be?
The next day after Sophie walked home from looking after the other girls pony a pony ran up to her.He was 15 hands high and he was jet black with no white markings.She held out her hand but he spooked and galloped of!
Day after day she grew a friendship with the horse.But one day she saw the girl who she groomed for telling her Dad to catch the wild black horse she had seen.Sophie gasped.She raced to the spot she had seen the horse befor.Then he followed her to the forest.She climbed on his back and coaxed him into a gallop.They galloped to Sophies house.Then she found Mum and Dad and asked them Could she keep the pony for her own?
Very fortunutly they said yes! She had him at the yard that was nearby.
But one day Mum and Dad got an offer for the horse she now called Blackie.And because the had been having finacial problems they said yes!
10 days later they got a phone call saying that Blackie had escaped.Sophie set of at midnight to try and find him on one of the yards horses.She soon had to head back.For weeks she had nightmares about it and one day she made up her mind to find him no matter what.
Eventually he came to her!She paid the man for him with her poket money and then took him back to the yard.He was in a bad way.No one thought he would survive.But with lots of hard work Sophie saved him!
But then Mum and Dad applied to send her to boarding scool next term!
Sophie  secretly relesed the pony into the wild.As she did she promised that when she graduated next year they would run away together!
Soon the miserble year passed and Blackie came back to her!They galloped of and lived in a beutiful cottage with lots of horses.As  Sophie often thought it was like living her dream!The End.

That is my entry for the july contest.
From Anna.
Member name:Damion