July 2009 Story Contest

At The Show by ponies27 & Talc age 14

We were traveling down a dirt road towards the show rings. to the left you could see barns and a big pipe traveling in front of a concrete ground which you think is a "wash rack" the horse trailer squeaked over every bump. and someone was leading a big shimmering bay horse out of the barn.To the right was a sand schooling ring. We pulled into a parking space. I took the tack box out of the trunk and set it next the the horses leased stall. Then my dad opened the trailer door and i went in and led JB out. JB is a big black thoroughbred. he walked next to me looking at everything and trying to reconize the new sights and smells. I led him into his stall and and shut the door. i went and unloaded all of his tack and put it in the tack room. i grabbed a brush and started groming and tacking him after i put the sign up outside him door that said: Just Because "JB". I led him out of his stall and warmed him up at the walk trot and canter. then over a 2' vertical. Then it was time to show. We walked to the show ring. They were just finishing with the last class. i walked into the ring.there was 10 people in the class with me. the crowds staring at one horse: JB. his muscles showing under his sleek, thin the shows he seems to look more like a dressage horse. his neck slightly arched. the judge asked for a trot. we all went into a posting trot. JB making every step careful, extending his stride. after one lap the judge asked for a walk then canter. this was equitation. so i went into a sitting canter. he was fast paced, but stayed on the rail. we had the best sitting canter. I could see out of the corner of my eye the judge looking satisfied at JB,they called for a walk then a reverse,after a lap then they asked for a trot, then a walk, then canter. Finally, the judge called the riders to center line. 1st place Just Because! they announced the other winners, when we were called we walked out of the ring. i had 4 more classes that day. I put JB away, untacked, bathed and fed him. JB whinnied as i walked down the barn isle to go home.Time to do it all tommorow!!