July 2009 Story Contest

The Adventures Of The Black Unicorn  by kjf09 & Dixie Fire         age 12

Once upon a time there was a black unicorn named Ashlee,and she had lots of friends. some of them are the color purple, orange, blue, and yellow. The purple one's name was Josefina, the orange one was Old Bucky, the blue one was Kercey, and the yellow one was Ali. Thats all of there names. One day they where all out in the field eating grass and talking to each other,and playing with one a nother.  And then the next day ali got hurt real bad and Ashlee got mad, and she didn't want anybody to talk to her for a while because thats how mad she was.  But she got over it. Then she started to let them talk to her. Then Ali got better and Ashlee was happy to see her.

the end.