July 2009 Story Contest

a wild horse by babygirl1722 & suger         age 11

Hay my name is Dixie and I wrote my story on a wild horse hope you like it.


       I was walking home from school and I notice something shineing in the woods it was a bay color and it looked at me and took off.My dad came down the road with his horse and I saw he had a rope in his hand and gues what it was my horse and he said "Put those papers down and get on your horse and lets ride".I said "Ok"!So I put the papers down and got on my horse and  said daddy "I saw something in the woods and it was a bay color and it looked at me and then took off".Daddy said "lets go find it".I said "Yes sir"!So we took off down the road and went deep in the woods and there it was a WILD HORSE was standing right there and good thing daddy had his lasso because when he had that thing he cought wild horses back in his day and this is a wild horse."Daddy throw that lasso around the neck of the horse"!I said.He said "Ok"!So he threw the lasso around the neck of the wild horse and wrapped the other end of the lasso on the saddle.We road all the way back home and we put the wild horse in the barn it was very hard but we got the horse in there and we went on.