July Story Contest

Summer Andrews Chapter 1
By: perdije
Age: 12

Chapter 1
“In first place, Summer Andrews!” I smiled and walked Lady towards the judges’ box.
“Well done! The woman shook my hand and moved on to the rider next to me. I cantered my lap of honor.
“Well done, Summer!” My mom congratulated me.
“You did very well!” Alex added with a grin.
“Let’s go home.” Dad suggested. I grinned uncontrollably. My friend Alex laughed at me as I dismounted after the lap of honor. Alex was staying with us on our South African farm for the December Holidays, and we were going to have so much fun!

It was about four o’clock before we really got moving. Sassy, Alex’s horse, had given trouble boxing again. I looked behind me at the horses. Sassy was reaching for the hay net, and Lady was sort of dozing. “Harry!” Mom suddenly screamed. We swerved and skidded into a field, the car rocked uncontrollably, and we were screaming, uncontrollably. The car hit something, and stopped. A moment of silence. “Is… everyone ok?” Mom’s shaky voice said.
“Yes…” I said. Alex said she was fine too. Dad gently touched mom’s arm. I suddenly sat upright, and slammed against the door.
“Summer…” I didn’t listen, but tried yet again to open the door. I moved just enough for me to slip out. I ran towards the horse box. One of its wheels was stuck in a ditch. That must have stopped us. Though, right at that moment I could not have cared less.
“Lady!” I called. I could hear Sassy alright. I then saw that Lady’s side of the horsebox had been broken in the crash, and she was running away. Alex came to free Sassy, and I went running after my horse.
“Lady!” She stopped at a fence.
“Whoa girl.” I murmured, slowing to a walk. Lady was scared, trembling with absolute fear.
“It’s only me.” She snorted and backed away. Lady had always loved me, she had never been afraid of me. It cut deep into my heart to see her terrified of me.
“It’s ok… Calm down baby.” Lady reared, and like an untamed wild animal, she charged me. I leaped sideways, and tripped, falling hard on my arm. I lay there, watching her run away from me, the one who raised her.