July Story Contest

Jackie's Choice part 2 part 1
By: Kalsey
Age: 10

“Well what?” Dad and Mom said at the same time.
“I couldn’t decide. What if I started a dog watching place? It would all be on a flyer we could put it in everyone’s mailbox.” I crossed my fingers and last night when I was still trying to pick out which one I wished on a star. “Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have this wish I wish tonight: I wish that I will be able to keep Spirit, Sammie, Charlie and the rest of our wonderful horses and animals” That was my wish that I wished last night.
“It probably won’t take in enough money for bills,” Mom told me.
“Well at least I’m trying to keep our family together,” I yelled angrily so mad and sad. I ran out of the house and out to the barn where I saw Kaitlyn Zacora.
“Hi Jackie,” Kaitlyn said to me.
“Hi Kate,” I answered. “Are you gonna go for a ride?”
“Yes, are you?” she asked me.
“Yeah… I’ll go with you.”

I went to the tack room with her and we grabbed Sammie and Peppermint’s tack. All of the horses had saddle pads that had their names and symbols on them and on the opposite side it had the horse’s show name. Spirit’s show name is Heaven’s Spirit. Her symbol was a bridge with a rainbow and a smiling sun over it. Sammie’s show name is Sam I Am. Sammie’s symbol is the cat in the hat. Like the guy who said Sam I Am. Charlie’s show name is Chuckie Cheezitz. His symbol was a cheezit.

Later on when Dad got the mail, there was an envelope addressed to us.

Dear the Evan’s family,

I am Joanna Hanson and I am writing this for an offer on a horse. I will pay $20,000 for Spirit, the blue roan appaloosa. Please write back a date and time. This is a very good offer.
Joanna Hanson
Professional ------------

“What do the lines mean?” Mom asked.
“I don’t know,” Dad answered. “But 20,000 is a very good offer!”
“No!” I practically screamed in his face.
“We need to!”
“No we don’t. I told you about my business!” I said.
“Well, Spirit’s going anyway,” Dad said. I ran upstairs into my room. Dad wrote a letter back to Joanna Hanson and put it in the mailbox. When I was sure that Dad and Mom were asleep, I tip-toed downstairs and out to the mailbox. I opened the letter and read:

Dear Joanna Hanson,

I would like to let you know that my wife and I have decided that you can come and pick up Spirit the day you get this letter. We will be home the whole time for the rest of the week. $20,000 sounds great. See you then.

I threw the letter back in and ran upstairs to bed. I sobbed into my pillow and my cries tired me out.

Joanna Hanson was driving down the driveway, me crying. I knew I was making Spirit afraid but I didn’t care right then.
“Hello,” she said when she came out of the trailer. Joanna grabbed the lead rope out of my hand and handed Mom the check for $20,000.
“Bye,” she said. Joanna loaded Spirit in the trailer and left. As she was leaving, I read on the back of the trailer, SLAUGHTER HOUSE.

“SLAUGHTER HOUSE!!??!!” I exclaimed. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!”

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Spirit= a blue roan appaloosa mare
Sammie= an orange paint horse mare
Charlie= a black and white paint horse stallion