June Story Contest

The Midnight Mystery part 2 part 1
By: Scoutgirl
Age: 12

Kenzie spent a couple hours that night making a small pen for the mustang. She made it deep in the forest so no one would find him. Right before dawn she galloped back to the barn, put the cart and grace away and went back to bed hoping not to be seen or heard.

Every night she would sneak outside and ride over to where the mustang was. She decided to call him phantom.  She made his pen bigger and found some old wood to make him some shelter. She also would bring oats and a halter/lead rope and would work on getting him tame. A couple months had gone by and her parents had caught her out of bed twice already.

But Kenzi continued to go outside every night now she brought a saddle and would slowly enter with the saddle pad and put it on his back only to have him gallop away each time. After several times Phantom let Kenz put the saddle pad on his back then slowly the saddle which he accepted too. When kenzi did the saddle up he bolted, rearing and bucking. Kenzi tried to get away but he pushed her against the rail and she was knocked unconscious. It was almost dawn and she was still unconscious. Jake had to work that morning so he had to get up really early, but when he noticed that grace wasn’t in the stall and 2 saddles were gone he got out a buckskin gelding quarter horse and followed the freshest hoof prints he could find, it went through the fields leading to where he found grace. He tied his horse cooper up and went into the forest. He followed a little path kenzie had made from going there every night. He found her in the pen laying down unconscious. He dragged her out and looked at the mustang before riding back carrying Kenz leading grace. He put the horses away quickly then wrote a note to there parents saying that he took kenzie with him to spend time with her, he didn’t want her getting in trouble.

Kenzie had to stay at the hospital for 3 days. her brother took care of Phantom but he couldn’t find a good enough reason for Mackenzie to be gone for 3 days so he told there mom and dad she fell off of grace and had gotten a small concussion. Mackenzie got out of the hospital and went back to training phantom. She and jake trained him together. They were working on letting them get on. Her mom noticed the kids being really tired during the day and not being in bed at night. So one night her mom followed the kids outside watching them from the window; after they rode off she followed them very quietly. When they got behind the fence into the forest she ran knowing now that they couldn’t see her. As she got closer she slowed down, she climbed over the fence and peeked around the corner to find Mackenzie and Jake with a wild horse!

What will there mom do? Find out in part 3! Sorry it’s a little short I’ve been really busy this month but I will work on it more next month. Thanks for all you do for me! You guys are the best!!!~scoutgirl